A closer look at the eye

Dave Morland
Dave Morland takes a look at various aspects of the eye in this week's "Health Beat" column in the Galva News.

In this week’s column I thought I would discuss the eye.

I thought learning about the eye would be helpful, and learning some general terms would help you talk to your doctor, ophthalmologist or optometrist.

Considering there are about 4 million eye injuries annually in the United States, I figure this would be a topic you are or will be interested in.

Your eye is a globe and when you look into the mirror you see the white part (sclera) and then a colored circle (iris) and then the pupil or black middle.

The sclera surrounds the whole eye and it is the tough outer shell that defines the eye. It is filled with a thick fluid (vitreous).

The sclera actually goes across the iris and pupil, but it becomes clear here; this is your cornea. The iris is the anterior part of the uvea, and the posterior part of the uvea is the choroids.

Your eye, then, is a ball covered by layers - the outer being the cornea and sclera, the second being the uvea (which consists of the iris in front and the choroid in back).

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