Come sit a spell

Diane Gibson
"For the Love of Gardening" author Diane Gibson shares some ideas about enjoying your home's outdoors in this week's Galva News.

Here we are in the middle of snow and minus zero wind chills and I’m thinking of outdoor structures. Hot chocolate today, lemonade this summer.

If you don’t have a place to enjoy the outdoors, let’s think about some options:


It’s nice if they are large enough to position furniture. Today, we see fully furnished porches. It’s much like decorating a living room.


Decks are often at the back of a home because they tend to be constructed more informally and in conjunction with other entertainment. They complement a more contemporary home and are less expensive than a full porch.


Pergolas can be rustic and simple or formal and imposing. Most often, they are not attached to another structure. They don’t have screen or a solid roof, although most provide some kind of material for plants to climb up and over.


Gazebos are much like a pergola except they have a solid roof and may be screened.

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