Nasturtium: Wonderful nose twisters

Diane Gibson
Diane Gibson tells about the benefits of nasturtium plants in this week's "For the Love of Gardening" column in the Galva News.

When’s the last time you had a “nose twister”?

The popularity of flowers comes and goes, but the nose twister needs to stay. Nose-twister is the literal name for nasturtium. It was named for the peppery taste.

Let me share why you should consider putting nasturtiums in your flower and garden spaces this spring.

First benefit is the flowers are beautiful. If they are viewed up close, the form resembles a very bright orchid. They now come in shades and combinations of cream, reds, oranges, and yellows plus variegated.

The nasturtium plants do better with no fertilization. They are simply not picky except they prefer sun. They may stop producing flowers during the very hottest parts of summer.

Nasturtiums have no poisonous parts which make it a food product as well as safe around children and pets. Flowers are used in salads and the young leaves have a stronger peppery taste.

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