Letter to Editor: Shame on those who shot cat

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

    This past week, a gray and white neighborhood cat was shot with an arrow.  The cat took refuge in my doghouse, with the shaft of the arrow protruding from his side.  The arrow had penetrated the skin below the left shoulder and traveled four inches up along the muscle, and exited at the back of the head. 

    A kind neighbor was able to grasp the shaft of the arrow, and slowly pull it out of the shoulder.  However, the cat was so terrified, that it managed to escape before it could be restrained, and taken to a veterinarian for treatment of its wounds. The cat hasn't been seen since, so has probably died.

    A couple of boys had been seen in the area, playing with bows and arrows.  Who are the thoughtless adults who gave these children dangerous weapons, without providing proper instruction in their use? 

    Who will be the next victim—a house pet, or perhaps a neighbor's child?

    I want to thank my neighbors for their help, and for the assistance of the county deputies, the village police officer, and the animal control officer for their investigation into this crime of animal cruelty.

Bonnie Wiley, Cambridge