Letter to editor: County board member appreciates extra efforts during blizzard

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

During the first week of February, Henry County and many areas of the country experienced a dangerous winter weather storm of blizzard status.

While none of us enjoyed the inconvenience of this storm, we were blessed in numerous ways and survived with minimal damage and no loss of life.

I want to recognize the state, county, township and city employees of Henry County communities, Sheriff James Padilla, the Henry?County deputies and sheriff’s staff and the state police troopers who worked tremendously long hours plowing roads and streets and providing emergency services in the midst of this dangerous storm.

Mary Bergren, administrator at Hillcrest Home, along with Hillcrest employees, provided excellent care and assistance to not only their residents but also to stranded motorists who were welcomed into Hillcrest Home — referred to as “Hillcrest Resort” during the storm.

Many employees of businesses throughout the county worked many long hours covering all shifts in the absence of fellow employees who were not able to get to their place of work.

Brave individuals ventured out on snowmobiles and other vehicles to rescue those stranded during the storm as well as others who provided snow removal for driveways, parking lots and lanes.

These are some of the heroic efforts I am aware of and am sure there are many other brave individuals who stepped out into this blizzard to offer assistance.

Once again, we are reminded of the great sense of care and responsibility the people of Henry County have for one another; people working together in the midst of crisis to help family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and strangers.

We are blessed to live here, a place where values of human kindness, care and compassion for others runs deep.

Kathy Nelson, Henry County?Board Member