Letter to editor: Be proud of Cambridge Junior High School dance team

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

    Back in the day, I attended grade school in Mt. Vernon.  My school was a K-8 school, so we didn't really have a separate Junior High.  During the nine years I attended that school, none of our teams, no individual or our music department ever made it to a state competition.  If you think about the numbers, that is nine classes for nine years or eighty-one classes that never made it to state.  I know that my school wasn't that bad, it's just an example of how many students never get to perform at the state level.

    This past Saturday, I had the honor of watching 18 of our Cambridge Junior High students perform on the "big stage" in Bloomington.  Our girls performance showed just how many hours of hard work go into perfecting such a routine.  More than that, these girls showed the type of attitude and demeanor that make me proud to say that I live in Cambridge!

    For the girls on the team:  Hold your heads high and keep those winning smiles on your faces.  You have already achieved more in your young lives than many people will only dream about in the future.  You have already achieved more in your young lives than many people now think "I wonder what it would have been like?"  Think not of the disappointments along the way, rather think about the accomplishments and the happy memories.

    In closing this letter, I would be remiss if I did not mention Ms. Leanne Walsh.  How many hours has she given over the years to the youth of our community?  This type of dedication is a rare commodity in this day and age.  Let's not forget the Walsh family.  In the time I have known them, I have only seen support not only for Leanne, but for the teams as well.  How many hours have they given up gracefully for their mom/spouse to better not only the youth, but to better Cambridge itself.

    To all I have mentioned, a personal thank you for entertaining me and showing me time and time again why I chose Cambridge as my home.

Mike Clark