Letter to editor: Orion boys' basketball had great year

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

As I sit in my seat on the way home from the super-sectional game in Jacksonville, I think back at what a fantastic year these fabulous kids have given us in the basketball world of the Orion Chargers.

Every game, every basket attempt that didn’t fall, every basket attempt that did fall, from the lay-up to the three-point shot to the free throws, to every “Slam Dunk” this has been one great ride.

I believe that not only myself, but every single fan that was on the bus with me, and every other fan that attended the game, knows it was the toughest-fought game anyone could have asked for.

Every player played their hearts out and gave every fan a game that they enjoyed being there to watch. From every “We Are Orion,” to every “Go Big Red,” it was what we came for, the excitement, the thrills, the pandemonium. It was all there, and we loved it and we loved you, the players, for everything you did to give us that excitement.

To Coaches Brent Hutton, Larry Anderson and Chuck Dhabalt, we appreciate you for your continued dedication to the well-being and teaching of the Orion teams from freshmen and sophomores to the varsity level. Each and every player has benefited by your expert skills, and the friendship you have given them.

To every player on the varsity team, you are the best. You have made each and every game we watched an experience we will not soon forget.  

To the freshman and sophomore teams, you also have given us great games and we know that your future years of basketball for the Chargers will bring equal excitement and thrills to the fans.

To the seniors who will be leaving us at the end of the year, we wish you the best of everything in your future and want you to know that we will miss you. To the juniors, sophomores and freshmen, we look forward to the “Charger Power” that you will be bringing back to the court in the next few seasons.

To all of you players, coaches and fans, we appreciate you for making this one great basketball season.

Sue and Larry Dhabalt