Letter to editor: Andover Historical Society seeks members

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

The Andover Historical Society was organized in 1968 for the purpose of preserving the rich history of the pioneering, hard-working Swedish immigrants who came to the “new” country, the United States of America, for a chance to realize their dreams and ambitions.

In spite of all the hardships entailed in opening new land, they persevered and succeeded. In the local history reference books of Henry County, they are constantly referred to as honorable, hard-working people.

Today, in our modern world, the Andover Historical Society has a problem of great proportions. We have 69 members in the society, scattered around the United States, East to West and North to South, and most of us are in the last days of our lives.

Therefore, we are looking for and want new, young (14 on up) members who would be interested in learning this history and keeping the Historical Museum and Woman’s League Chapter House available to the public, visitors from here and Europe.

We need you! You do not have to be of Swedish extraction to do this service, and you will find out a lot about the type of people who came to America. This quest was not limited to one ethnic group.

You may contact any of these three people: Robert Koehler, (309) 845-0168; Bonnie Bandelow, (309) 912-9734; and Betty White, (309) 568-0035.

Robert  Koehler, Andover Historical Society, Andover