Letter to editor: Luxmore families praise Orion for respect, patriotism

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

The families of Corporal Bryant J. Luxmore want to express our sincere “Thank You” for the town of Orion’s show of respect and honor in bringing him home on June 16, 2012. It was so overwhelming with people, flags and patriotism!

During such a difficult time for all of us, you have given us strength, to know that so many people genuinely care about the sacrifice B.J. made for our country. He has always been so proud to be from such a small community, and he would be humbled by his homecoming.

He is our “quiet hero” and “hometown boy.”

Thank you for bringing him home.

Leonard and Brenda Luxmore

Jaimie and Lane Luxmore

Brock and Melissa Luxmore