LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Jewelry repair relief

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

I have a Rolex watch, and it needed repair, I took it to a local jewelry store for an estimate.

I was informed they would send it off for an estimate; it would take about a week. A week later they said it would be $1,000, and then $800, and both times I said no. The same thing happened at another repair shop and I fell for the $800 job. It was a little later when I decided they knew what they were going to charge before the estimate.

Later, I was out in my yard and looked at my watch, it was 12:30 and I was supposed to be across Town at 1. I had a few minutes left, but when I looked back at my watch, it was gone, Yep! I went into the panic mode. The band had broken; I found it and started my search for repair.

I was told by a friend to take it to a certain jewelry store, they would treat me right. I did as I was told; it needed 2 pins replaced in the band. I would have to leave it for an estimate. I left it; they called later and said it would cost $264.

After recovering from the shock, I told them no, I picked up my watch and decided to take it back where I had paid $800 earlier, I was sure things would be better, his estimate was only $200. Another friend - folks it’s good to have more than 1 friend - told me that Coin & Bullion (Tracy’s Fine Jewelry) had always been fair and did a good job for him; so off I went on another hunt.

A lady named “Tammy” met me and inquired of my trouble. I explained about the band, I did not tell her of the places or prices I had been to. She took it back to the jeweler to look at; he said it would be ready at 4 p.m. the following day. It was ready, the price was exactly as I was quoted. $42.80.

I was happy, I felt like I had not been ripped off. When I have any future problems, they will get my business.

Clyde York

Panama City