10 Things You Need To Know Before The Opening Bell (DG, FDO)

Rob Wile

Good morning! Here's what you need to know.

Cheap Spanish Debt. Thanks to the ECB's decision to push rates into negative territory, it's now cheaper for Spain to borrow than it is for the U.S. Yields on Spain's 10-year note hit 2.59%, while U.S. treasuries hit 2.61%. In general Europe yields haven't been this low in centuries.

Apple Stock Split Kicks In. Apple shares will start trading under $100 Monday. Don't be alarmed; it's merely because Apple's 7-1 stock split will have kicked in.

Russian Market Recovers. Russia's MICEX index has recouped all the territory it lost since the Ukraine situation flared up. The index fell as much as 17%.

India Stocks Hit All-Time High. The SENSEX was up 1% Monday, and is now 21% higher on the year. Investors remain extremely bullish on new PM Narendra Modi.

Chicken Game Over. Tyson has triumphed over Pilgrim's Pride to win Hillshire Farms, makers of Jimmy Dean sausage and Ball Park franks. The Arkansas-based firm will pay $7.7 billion, one billion more than what P.P. was offering. 

Family Dollar General? Jefferies has upgraded Dollar General and Family Dollar to "buy" on merger speculation following Carl Icahn's 13-D filing showing a new 9.4% stake in the latter company.

Abenomics Working? Japan GDP beat estimates on an unexpected surge in capital spending. 

More China Stimulus. The PBOC cut the reserve ratio 50 bps. for "selected banks." Everyone's still worried China's slow-down will bring bleed over into the rest of the world.

No data. Three Fed members speak.

Markets. Asia and Europe were higher. U.S. futures are lower.

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