Grudge match conducted at Valley View

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

    On Tuesday, July 15, parking was limited as crowds lined the fairways to witness  the grudge match between Blade Trucking led by Dick Dybdal and Skello’s led by Mark Skelton in the men’s league action at Valley View.

    Unlike the prematch verbiage, the actual match went off in a proper gentlemanly manner as Skello’s disposed of Blade Trucking 133 to 149. Skelton let his game do the talking with a net 30.

    In other action, Robbie’s upset DeGroot’s and delayed their playoff plans  slipping by them 144 to 146. A net 34 by Don Versluys did the damage.

    And in the contest between two teams not in playoff contention, Johnson Construction eased by Rathjens 147 to `149 with a net 35 from Dick Larson leading the way.

    In Wednesday night action, Phillips remained perfect and clinched the division title by edging Hepner Insurance 129 to 130. A pair of net 31’s from Gary Hirsch and Bruce Gainey led the win.

    The Faculty also clinched their division with a trio of net 34’s from Dan Galle, Wilbur Wigant and Brian DeJoan to beat Darling International 138 to 142.

    A team out of the playoffs, Cambridge Commodities, blistered Bell Insurance 126 to 142 behind Randy “Spike” Edmund’s net 27.

    In a battle for the playoffs, Little Johns routed Duricks 141 to 155. A pair of 34’s by Brett Carlson and Jake Blade led the way.

    Another match with playoff possibilities, Orion Tool and Die stayed alive by carving out a 131 to 138 victory over Cambridge Pattern. Bill Lange led Orion Tool and Die with a net 31.

    In the final match of the evening, two teams playing only for pride saw Gold Star FS eke out a 139 to 141 win over Highland Pack. Burp Lain’s net 33 was the difference.

    With only two weeks until the playoffs, Phillips, 12-0, Faculty, 8-4 and Skello’s 12-0 have clinched their divisions. One win by Cambridge Pattern or a loss by Darling International and Pattern will clinch their way into the playoffs.

    Hepner Insurance, 8-4, DeGroot’s, 7-5, Blade Trucking, 6-6, Little Johns 6-6, Duricks, 6-6, Orion Tool and Die, 5-7, Bell Insurance 5-7, and Darling International, 5-7, are all mathematically alive and vying for the four remaining playoff spots.