Lady Viking spikers split

Andrew Frew
Amanda Kruger led the front line Monday, Sept. 8, delivering five kills against West Central. Kruger, a junior captain also had one block and five digs for the night.

    Varsity Lady Vikings volleyball team found a win and a loss in their first week of games. On Tuesday, Sept. 2, they went to Aledo, and on Wednesday, Sept. 3, they went to Kewanee.

    When facing Aledo, the ladies dominated the court with scores of 25-15 and 25-20. Unfortunately, the next night Kewanee won both of the games with scores of 15-25 and 19-25.

CHS vs. Aledo

    For a first game the Lady Vikings could not have asked for better results.

    "We had a few silly mistakes due to nerves, but quickly rebounded," commented assistant varsity coach Lisa Miller.

    The girls came out strong in their first game with a dominating win of 25-15. Then, in game two the Lady Vikings pulled it together for a second win of 25-20.

    "It was a good night to see what we had to offer," said coach Miller, "The team worked well together and made adjustments easily when needed. For the Lady Vikings first night of volleyball it was a very well played game.”

September 2 at Aledo

Cambridge    25         25

Aledo        15         20

CHS Leaders Points: Erica Nimrick-5, Jasmine Beam-5; Ace Serves: Nimrick-5, Beam-5; Kills: Danyelle English-4, Amanda Kruger-3; Blocks: Beam-2, Nimrick-1; Assists: Nimrick-7, Kiersten McKie-2; Digs: Nichole Wilson-9, Ashley Kruger-3, Amanda Kruger-3

Cambridge vs. Kewanee

    This second game was a rather hard one for the Lady Vikings. On Sept. 3, they faced the difficult team, Kewanee. The ladies played a hard game, but in the end it came to a loss.

    "We are trying a few different things with our defense and offense to better utilize our hitters, but we had trouble covering in the back row at times.",” said Coach Chad Hamerlinck. “After beating Aledo, there were high hopes for another win, but Kewanee put that to an end by their defeat over the Lady Vikings.”

    Coach Hamerlinck said the team was a bit hesitant on their hitting, and it seemed like they were pushing the ball over a lot.

    “The ladies played a hard game, and hopefully they can take what they learned from their win at Aledo and their loss at Kewanee through the whole season,” said Hamerlinck. "We did some really nice things at times and showed we are a good team with some things to work out."

    The ladies have two meets next week. On Monday, Sept. 15, the team will travel to Woodhull where they will face the AlWood Lady Aces. On Tuesday, Sept. 16, the Vikings will take another road trip to Oneida where they will play the ROWVA Lady Tigers.

September 3  at Kewanee

CHS                15         19

KHS               25         25

CHS Leaders Points: Sarah Fink-5, Nimrick-4, Amanda Kruger 3; Ace Serves:  Nimrick-1; Kills: Beam-3, Wilson-2, Amanda Kruger-2, English-2; Blocks: Nimrick-1, English-1; Assists: Nimrick-9, English-3, Amanda Kruger-2, McKie-1; Digs: Wilson-6, Amanda Kruger-6, Nimrick-5, Fink-4.