Red Storm swamps Viking boat

Andrew Frew
Cambridge’s defensive line stand ready against United Friday, Sept. 5, at Monmouth.

    The rain may have ceased Friday, Sept. 5, but the United Red Storm still loomed over the Vikings. The Cambridge Vikings played a hard game of football, but even with all their efforts United still took a victory with an end score of 51-27.

    "There were some bright spots, but we didn’t play with enough energy or emotion," said head coach Terry Anderson, on the performance of the team.

    The first quarter for the Vikings was bright indeed, they recovered the opening kick-off and within the first few minutes had a touchdown.     Following that United had possession of the ball, but the Viking defense held well and four downs later they had the ball. Then the tables started turning on the Vikings. They found themselves three-yards away, with a touchdown in site, when the United defense held. With one last hope they kicked the ball, finding themselves with a miss.

    Things started going horribly wrong in the second quarter. With United having the ball from last quarter, they ran it down for a touchdown. Then the Vikings took the ball, but United defense held and they took the ball once more. Not but two minutes after taking control of the ball United ran in for a touchdown. That same sequence went on again with another touchdown for United. By this time in the second quarter spirits were starting to be crushed and to make it worse, United again held against our offense, passed through the defense, and went in for a touchdown.

    As a sad ending came to the second quarter, the Vikings made a miraculous pass to Steven Lenertz who gave them a touchdown and leaving them at the half.

    When third quarter came around United was in charge of the ball and charge they did indeed. They stomped through the Vikings defense, and in for yet another touchdown. The Vikings were not yet down-and-out though, four minutes after United scored the Vikings followed with their own touchdown. The third quarter was a lot of back and forth between both teams, but United did not go without but another touchdown.

    As the fourth quarter arrived, the scores were against the Vikings and they had a lot of ground to cover to catch up with United. As it was though United held the Vikings off again, taking control of the ball and taking a touchdown. With five minutes and twenty seconds remaining of the game the Vikings got in one more touchdown before the end of the game.

    "We had some success on the offensive side of the ball, but it may have been one of the poorest defensive efforts we have ever had," said Anderson. It was a hard night for the Viking’s defense. United had one key player who just kept slipping through the Vikings defense, to gain touchdowns. We had many problems maintaing the line of scrimmage which resulted in limited offense for us as well as their large offensive output."

    Losing is never easy, but it does happen. The Vikings will have to take the good things and the bad thing from their previous games and use that information to progress through their season.

CHS    7    7    6    7    27

UHS     0    28    15    8    51         

Team Statistics

First downs: CHS 14/United 27; Yards Rushing: CHS 30/United 496; Yards Passing: CHS 224/United 103; Total Yards: CHS 254/United 599; Penalties-yards: CHS 5-35/United 10-71.5; Fumbles lost: CHS 1 lost 0/United 2 lost 2; Interceptions: CHS 0/ United 0.

CHS individual statistics

Rushing: (attempts, yardage, average) Patrick Morey 16,27,1.4; Daniel Walsh 1,0,0; Clayton Carr 6,36,2 Passing: ( comp, att, int, td,yds) Carr 12,27,0,3,224.

Receiving: (pc, yds, td) Marc Goodwin 1,5,1; Steven Lenertz 3,99,1; Ryan Prevost 3,61,1 and Walsh 5,59,1.

Tackles: Morey 7, C. J. Dekezel 2, Prevost 8, Walsh 6, Kevin Miller 2, Lenertz 8, Goodwin 9, Lucas Kirlin 5, Riley Lavin 9, Miles Fritch 10, Andrew Johnson, T. J. Kane 3, Greg Evans 2, Ian Roden 1, Ben Smith 2 and Kyle Lookingbill 3.

    The next team the Vikings will face off against is Lewistown. They will travel there Friday, Sept. 12, to face this new team of the conference.

    "This week we will concentrate on getting our efforts level up, as well as being more aggressive," said Anderson on his prediction on what the fans can expect to see on Friday night. It should be a good game so go, and support the Vikings.