Lady Vikings win two

Andrew Frew
Danyelle English led the Cambridge varsity volleyball team Monday night in AlWood. English had 12 kills for the night against a team which she played for last year.

    The week was full of wins for the varsity Lady Viking volleyball team. The ladies played both West Central and Galva making for two very interesting nights. As the Lady Vikes progress it shows more in their scores. All the games that were played were won by a huge number of points.

Cambridge vs. West Central

    The first meet of the week ended with great results for the Lady Vikes. Players Nichole Wilson and Erica Nimrick  led the team to a quick and decisive win. Wilson herself made ten points, followed by Nimrick with six points and twelve assists.

    "We had control of the entire match, and played at our level," said Coach Hamerlinck. "We seemed to play with a lot more intensity and that intensity became greater confidence for the team."

    In the match the Lady Vikes set the tempo for the game and in the end they found themselves with a great game and great results.

September 8 at home

                 1    2         

CHS    25      25

WCHS     17      12

CHS Leaders Points:  Wilson-10, Nimrick-6; Ace Serves: Sarah Fink-3; Kills: Amanda Kruger-5, Jasmine Beam-4; Blocks: Erica Nimrick-2 Amanda Kruger-1; Assists: Erica Nimrick-12, Abi Stevenson-1; Digs: Amanda Kruger-5, Nichole Wilson-4, Erica Nimrick-4.

Cambridge vs. Galva

    The Lady Vikes once again took a strong dominance against their opponent and took but another win Thursday, Sept. 11. Galva was left in the dust as the ladies swept point after point. Danyelle English led the team with her total points followed by Wilson.

    "The ladies played with a lot of confidence and drive, making sure that each play was executed to the best of their potential," said Hamerlinck. As the scores reflect, this game was not even close, but how will this win and the win against West Central affect the team in the rest of their season?

    "It is a good sign when we are seeing such good things this early in the season," said Hamerlinck. “Our focus has to stay strong as we face tougher competition in the weeks to come."

    The varsity Lady Vikings now sit at a 3-1 rank overall, and 2-0 in the Lincoln Trail Conference. As Coach Hamerlinck pointed out it is still very early in the season, and fans can only expect to  see more wins in the near future.

September 11 at home

                1    2               

CHS    25      25

GHS    8       13

CHS Leaders Points: English-9, Wilson-6; Ace Serves: Nimrick-4, Jasmine Beam-4; Kills: English-7, Wilson-3, Ashley Kruger-3; Blocks: Amanda Kruger-1, Ashley Kruger-0.5; assists: Erica Nimrick-6, Kiersten McKie-6; Digs: Ashley Kruger-7, Danielle English-6, Amanda Kruger-6, Nichole Wilson-5.