Spikers hang tough with Orion

Andrew Frew
Erica Nimrick of Cambridge passes the ball during the third game of the varsity match in Orion.

    Cambridge varsity volleyball players won one match during the week, but fell short in another.    

Cambridge vs. ROWVA  

    On Monday, Sept. 22, the Lady Vikes took on the ROWVA Tigers. ROWVA did not come close point wise, and the ladies ended play winning in two games.

    "We played very well overall and executed at the net well," stated Coach Chad Hamerlinck. "We played very smart on offense and defense."

    The game went quickly and easy, and it was good practice for the upcoming Saturday match with Orion.

September 22 @ home

    1    2         

CHS    25    25

RHS    15    16

CHS Leaders Points: Ashley Kruger-8,Erica Nimrick-7; Ace Serves: Ashley Kruger-4, Danyelle English-3; Kills: Amanda Kruger-9, Danyelle English-5; Blocks: Ashley Kruger-1, Amanda Kruger-1; Assists: Erica Nimrick-16, Kiersten McKie-1; Digs: Amanda Kruger-8, Ashley Kruger-7.

Cambridge vs. Orion

    The Lady Vikings played three really hard games against Orion. The first and third games were a lot of back and forth between the teams, but the second game is what really gave the ladies problems.

    Erica Nimrick led the team in points and assists. She was able to get 10 points and had 14 assists. Nichole Wilson also had with 14 digs.

    “Orion is a strong team and this game proved the level that the ladies are at,” stated  Coach Hamerlinck. “There is still quite a few games for the ladies to partake in.”

    On Monday, Oct. 6, Cambridge will host United. Frosh-soph action begins at 6 p.m. with varsity starting at approximately 7:30 p.m. Cambridge will travel to Galva Tuesday, Oct. 7, for another LTC match. The ladies will take another road trip Thursday, Oct. 9, to Wethersfield.

September 27 @ Orion

    1    2    3          

CHS    26    14    22

OHS    24    25    25

CHS Leaders Points: Erica Nimrick-10, Sarah Fink-6; Ace Serves: Ashley Kruger-3; Kills: Amanda Kruger-6, Nichole Wilson-4, Ashley Kruger-4; Blocks: Danyelle English-3; Assists: Erica Nimrick-14; Digs: Nichole Wilson-14, Amanda Kruger-11, Ashley Kruger-10

Erica Nimrick of Cambridge passes the ball during the third game of the varsity match in Orion.