Spikers play to limit

Andrew Frew

 Cambridge spikers had three matches last week, winning one, taking two other teams to three games each.

Cambridge vs. United 

 As the week started off the ladies played United at home Monday, Oct. 6. 

 “There was a lot of good effort put into this game,” stated coach Chad Hamerlinck. “First off the ladies pushed United into three games. Second, all three games very close, and third, they never gave up. There were some really powerful key players, that made United fight even harder.”

 Danyelle English led the night with 12 points and Jasmine Beam added seven. Erica Nimrick was another vital part of these games being so close. She had 23 assists. 

October 6 @ home

 1 2 3  

CHS 18 25 20

UHS 25 23 25

 CHS Leaders Points: English-12, Beam-7; Ace Serves: Beam-3; Kills: Amanda Kruger-8, Danielle English-8; Blocks: Danielle English-3; Assists: Erica Nimrick-23; Digs: Nichole Wilson-13, Amanda Kruger-8

Cambridge vs. Galva 

 When the Lady Vikes took on Galva Tuesday, Oct. 7, they really proved how both aggressive their playing is, and at what level they are playing at now. 

 Unlike their first matc h of the week against United, the ladies took quick control and executed a swift defeat. 

 The point leader of this game was Nimrick with 28 points. She took a colossal effect against Galva. There was only two games and in both the Wildcats were defeated rather easily by the Cambridge squad. 

October 7 @ Galva

 1 2  

CHS 25 25

GHS 9 3 

 CHS Leaders Points: Nimrick-28, Wilson-6; Ace Serves: Nimrick-5; Kills: English-4, Fink-3; Blocks: Nichole Wilson-1; Assists: Erica Nimrick-5; Digs: Amanda Kruger-7 

Cambridge vs. Wethersfield

 Wethersfield proved to be more of an opponent for the Lady Vikes as they took it to a three-game match Thursday, Oct. 9. This was a close battle for the two competitors as they fought tooth and nail for a victory. A third game was played to decide a winner due each having wins in the first two games. As it came to be Wethersfield won, but by a mere two points.

 English was the leader of this game having the most digs and the most kills. 

 “It was a great team effort though with everyone playing to their top ability,” stated coach Hamerlinck. “Wethersfield proved to be at the ladies level of playing, and it proved to be a good game with a great experience.” 

October 9 @ Wethersfield  

 1 2 3  

CHS 25 18 25  

WHS 22 25 27  

 CHS Leaders Points: Amanda Kruger-11; Ace Serves: Amanda Kruger-2; Kills: English-13, Amanda Kruger-11; Blocks: Wilson-2 Ashley Kruger-2; Assists: Nimrick-35; Digs: English-15, Ashley Kruger-12, Amanda Kruger-10.

 Cambridge will play Princeville Monday, Oct. 20, at Princeville. They will play their last home game of the season, Oct. 23. Four seniors will be recognized during the evening. They are Nichole Wilson, Sarah Fink, Erica Nimrick and Jasmine Beam. Regional volleyball action will begin Wednesday, Oct. 29.