Lady Vikings hit hot streak

Andrew Frew
Danyelle English, a junior on the Cambridge varsity volleyball team, hammers down a kill during a game with Stark County Wednesday night in the Cambridge gym. English had six kills for the night.

 In the matter of a week, the varsity Lady Vikes played eight volleyball matches, winning six of the eight.

Cambridge vs. Westmer 

 On Columbus day, Oct. 13, the Lady Vikes had a home meet against conference foe, Westmer and won 25-13 and 25-17.

 “Overall there was some really great plays by the girls.,” stated Coach Chad Hamerlinck. “Westmer could not push a third game and had problems keeping up to the Lady Vikes pace.”

 The whole team contributed to the win, but there were some key players. Erica Nimrick, not only led the team with her nine points, but she also had 10 assists. Danyelle English contributed a lot to this victory. She had seven kills, a block, and two ace serves.

October 13 @ Cambridge  

CHS 25 25  

WHS 13 17

CHS Leaders Points: Nimrick-9, Nichole Wilson-8; Ace Serves: Nimrick-3, English-2; Kills: English-7; Blocks: English-1, Wilson-1; Assists: Nimrick-10; Digs: Amanda Kruger-5, English-4, Nimrick-4.

Cambridge vs. Stark County

 Stark County was a better opponent than Westmer, but still was no match for the Lady Vikes as they won 25-14 and 25-22 Wedneday, Oct. 15, at CHS.

 Amanda Kruger was the star in the game. She had eight kills and eight digs, which is a pretty amazing feat. Like the previous game Nimrick led in points, with seven. English had the only two blocks of the game. 

October 15 @ Cambridge  

CHS 25 25  

SCHS 14 22  

CHS Leaders Points: Nimrick-7, English-7; Ace Serves: Jasmine Beam-3, Ashley Kruger-3; Kills: Amanda Kruger-8, English-6; Blocks: Danielle English-2; Assists: Erica Nimrick-20; Digs: Amanda Kruger-8, Danyelle English-4, Ashley Kruger-4, Cheyenne Grant-Witt-4

Cambridge vs. Williamsfield

 The Lady Vikes were three for three after the road trip to Williamsfield Thursday, Oct. 16.

 Williamsfield was another team that was no match for the Lady Vikes as they won 25-17 and 26-24.  

 English led the game with her 10 points followed by Sarah Fink with eight. 

 “This game was a team effort, but Erica Nimrick was always there to assist, ending the game with a whopping 22 assists,” stated Coach Hamerlinck.

October 16 @ Williamsfield  

CHS 25 26  

WHS 17 24  

CHS Leaders Points: Danyelle English-10, Sarah Fink-8; Ace Serves: Ashley Kruger-3,Amanda Kruger-3,Jasmine Beam-3; Kills: Amanda Kruger-9, Danielle English-7; Blocks: Erica Nimrick-2, Jasmine Beam-1; Assists: Erica Nimrick-22; Digs: Ashley Kruger-7, Erica Nimrick-5, Nichole Wilson-5

Sherrard Tournament

 On Saturday, Oct. 18, the varsity Lady Vikes left Cambridge shortly after 7 a.m. for a tournament in Sherrard.

 In game one, Cambridge played Sherrard and won 25-18 and 25-10.

 Only two games were needed to defeat Sherrard and move forth in the competition.

 English had nine points leading the team, Amanda Kruger had the most kills with nine and Erica Nimrick led the team with 18 assists. 

 “This was a good way to start the long tournament the ladies had ahead,” stated Hamerlinck.

CHS 25 25  

SHS 18 10  

 The second match that the ladies played was against Kaneland. 

 “This team was very difficult for the lady vikes to face,” stated Coach Hamerlinck. “The ladies played hard, but Kaneland came playing a good game that the ladies could not overcome.”

 Nichole Wilson led points with four, English led kills with four and Amanda Kruger had the most digs with five.  

CHS 9 19  

KHS 25 25

 After the sad loss against Kaneland the Lady Vikes came back for a win against Morrison. 

 This was a swift game for the ladies as Morrison could not even push a third game. 

 Wilson led the points in this game with nine. Nimrick had 19 assists and Amanda Kruger led the team in kills with nine.  

CHS 25 25  

MHS 18 23

 Wethersfield was another quick win for the ladies in game four. It was a well played game that helped them progress farther in the tournament. 

 Amanda Kruger led the team with her 15 points. English, Amanda Kruger and Wilson all had six kills to lead the team, and Ashley Kruger had the most blocks with nine.  

CHS 25 25  

WHS 18 18

 Not only was the game against Riverdale the last game of the tournament, but it was the final game of the very long week. 

 The farther the ladies got in the tournament the harder things got, and as good as the Lady Vikings are, Riverdale was just slightly better, winning 25-19 and 25-10.  

 Nimrick led the team in points with three, Amanda Kruger was able to come up with three kills, and Nimrick did have seven assists. 

CHS 19 10  

RHS 25 25

October 18 @ Sherrard 

CHS Leaders in all 5 games Points: Amanda Kruger-28, Wilson-20; Ace Serves: Danyelle English-12; Kills: Amanda Kruger-28, Danielle English-26; Blocks: Danyelle English-5; Assists: Erica Nimrick-62; Digs: Erica Nimrick-24, Amanda Kruger-23