Morey scores record six touchdowns

Andrew Frew
Head Coach Terry Anderson talks with members of his varsity football team during a time-out Friday, Oct. 17, at Galva. Cambridge is 3-5 overall and 3-3 in West Prairie Trail’s Northeast Division. The Vikings will host A and R Friday, Oct. 24, at the CHS Bowl. Seven senior football players will be honored prior to the beginning of the game.

There are several good ways to start off a football game and last Friday night, Oct. 17, the Cambridge offense started the game off right.

 Friday night, the Vikings started and followed through with a powerful game of football. Galva could never have predicted the dominance that the Vikings would have, and it all began with the opening kickoff.  

 As the opening kickoff took to the air, it landed in the worst place possible for Galva, Patrick Morey’s hands. Within 58 seconds of the first quarter, Morey got the ball and with a little defensive help from the offensive line ran the ball down for the first touchdown of the night. 

 "Patrick Morey was his own offensive highlight reel this game," said Coach Anderson.

 After Morey’s quick touchdown the ball was given to Galva. Viking defense held them well giving up very little ground. After a minute of this, Cambridge had them at fourth and nine, and with a punt the Vikings took control of the ball. 

 Galva held the Vikings for awhile, but soon Clayton Carr was able to connect a pass with Ryan Prevost taking the Vikings from the 41-yard line to the 11 yard line. Who better to bring in the second touchdown, then Morey. Morey ran the ball in from the 14-yard line with 7:54 on the clock. 

 Carr with the help of the offensive line topped off Morey’s touchdown with two extra points. The next few minutes of the quarter began to drag by, with the ball bouncing from one team to the next.  

 Finally after Ryan Prevost received a kick at the 35-yard line, Morey was able to take it and run in for a touchdown with about three and a half minutes on the clock.

 After the long first quarter, the second quarter began quickly. With only a minute off the quarter Carr connected with Morey for once again another touchdown. When Galva received the ball they began slowly down the field. Each time they would gain a little more ground from Viking defense. 

 Finally at 8:05 Galva scored their first touchdown of the night. Then the slow pace of the first quarter returned again. Each team fought really hard, and it kept coming to a draw. With a mere 14 seconds left in the half Galva got the ball and ran in for their second touchdown of the night. 

 The third quarter started with the Vikings at the helm. Amazingly with 16 seconds into the quarter Patrick Morey, again, ran in a touchdown. 

 "The kids played very hard and there was some nice blocking downfield for Patrick. On the defensive side of the ball, Miles Fritch and Daniel Walsh would lead the team with combined tackles of 26. Not until nearly a minute left in the quarter was Galva able to recover and ring in a touchdown. 

 Even though Cambridge started with the ball Galva was able to hold them long enough to take it for themselves. As a change of luck though Steven Lenertz was able to make a interception on Galva’s pass. 

 Then with 8:11 left in the quarter Patrick Morey ran in one last touchdown leaving his name in Viking history. He had scored six touchdowns, tying Cambridge’s single game scoring record. This touchdown was the highlight for many Viking fans as they watched Cambridge history being made. 

 At a last attempt Galva scored once more with 6:13 on the clock ending the scoring for the game. 

 With approximately 1 minute left on the clock, Galva ran the time out ending with a score of 41-26. 

 This week the Vikings will face A & R at home. This will be a special night for many Cambridge citizens as it is Senior Night. Six senior football players and one manager will be honored. They include T. J. Kane, Andrew Johnson, Daniel Walsh, Steven Lenertz, Blake Banovitz, Lucas Kirlin and Jake Young.

CHS 20 7 7 7 41

GHS 0 12 6 8 26

 Team Statistics First downs: CHS 15/G 17; Yards Rushing: CHS 276/ G 184; Yards Passing: CHS 129/ G 182; Total Yards: CHS 405/G 366; Penalties-yards: CHS 5-40/G 6-65; Fumbles lost: CHS 3 lost 2/G 3 lost 1; Interceptions: CHS 2/G 1

 CHS individual statistics Rushing: (attempts, yardage, average) Morey 28,273,8.8; Kane 1,0,0; Carr 4,21,4; Prevost 3,9,2.7; Walsh 1,4,4; Passing: ( comp, att, int, td) Carr 5,15,1,1; Receiving: (pc, yds, td) Root 1,12,0; Lenertz 1,8,0; Prevost 2,45,0; Morey 1,64,1; Tackles: Morey 6, Prevost 8, Root 1, Walsh 11, Lenertz 3, Kirlin 8, Lavin 8, Fritch 13, Brown 1,A. Johnson 4, Kane 4, G. Evans 1, Koster 3, Roden 3, Smith 5, Wilkinson 1.