Vikings close out regular season

Andrew Frew
Steven Lenertz takes the ball to the net during the Cambridge-Aledo varsity basketball game. Lenertz, a senior captain and team leader, netted a team high 17 points.

 Cambridge varsity boys basketball team played a couple of games last week, one Tuesday, Feb. 17, their last home game of the season and Friday, Feb. 20, their last regular game of the season and one game Monday, Feb. 23, the opening game of the Orion Regional, which they won 77-67. Wednesday’s night game was also senior night and Steven Lenertz and Daniel Walsh were honored for their hard work and dedication throughout the last four years before the start of the game.  Information on Monday night’s game with AlWood at Orion was not available at press time, but the Vikings took on Orion Wednesday, Feb. 25. Lenertz also advanced in the three-point Country Financial Shoot-Out.

Stark County 72, Cambridge 53

 On Wednesday, Lenertz and Walsh took off strong in the first quarter, both wanting to make this a great game against Stark County.

 They ran into trouble right away as Stark County was playing some tough defense. Both seniors were playing hard and getting close to the basket, but Stark County kept getting the ball and taking it back to the other side of the court. The Vikings were also having some trouble with their defense. They were having difficulty keeping pace with Stark County and they used that to their advantage. Lenertz made four of the six points during the quarter, but Stark County led 28-6 at the end of the opener. 

 After such a rough first quarter, the Vikings would have to have a major comeback. When the second quarter started it looked like that would be the case. Sophmore Tyler Nimrick was now on the court and playing hard. The team was connecting better, and it showed as the Vikings score started rising. Lenertz was playing hard too.

 Stark County started playing harder about half way through the second quarter. After Cambridge had taken a lead they started playing a stronger offense. The Vikings still had a lead, but now both teams were pretty equal, and the quarter started to get close. When the quarter ended, the Vikings lead 16-14.

 Daniel Walsh is usually an intense scorer, but throughout the first half he had scored very little. That all changed in the third quarter. Walsh shot a three-pointer only minutes after the quarter had begun. The Vikings were playing a total different game than the fans had seen in the first half. They came equipped with both a stronger offense and a defense. Walsh was doing most of the scoring, but that was not a problem for the Vikings were still getting closer to Stark County’s big lead. By the end of the quarter Walsh had scored 13 points. When the quarter ended the Vikings had scored 16 to Stark County’s 10. Now there was only a 14 point difference between the two teams. The Vikings still had a chance for victory.

 As the fourth quarter commenced both teams were full steam ahead. They stayed neck and neck for quite a time. Using each others mistakes to their own advantage. The quarter was a whole team effort by the Vikings and they tried their hardest. It seemed though that 14 points was going to be beyond their reach. Stark lead the quarter, 20-15. It was a loss on senior night, but both of the seniors played really hard throughout the entire game and that is something to be proud of.  

Tuesday, Feb. 17 @ home

CHS 6 16 16 15 53

SCHS28 14 10 20 72 

 Cambridge: Lenertz 17, Walsh 15, Nimrick 12, Clayton Carr 3, Brandon Wilkinson 2, Nate Mortensen 2, C. J. DeKezel 2, Fg-16, 3Fg-5, Ft- 6-11

 Stark County: Lewis 17, Kelly 14, Ewing 12, Gentry 10, Ely 10, Daum 3, Hendrick 3, Harris 2, Ryan 1, Fg-25, 3Fg-5, Ft-7-11

Princeville 77, Cambridge 39

 Cambridge and Princeville both started out on the right foot. The first quarter started very calm, both teams playing good offense and defense. As the quarter progressed though, this was not the case. Princeville picked up the pace and the Vikings were having trouble keeping up. The Vikings were having some passing problems, and Princeville took advantage of that. 

 Walsh scored six points for the quarter, leading the rest of the team. When time began to run down, the Vikings went in for one last push, and they were partly successful. Cambridge had 10 points and Princeville had 16, but the Vikings had made the gap between the teams slightly smaller.

 Free-throws were the Vikings point maker in the second quarter. Princeville really stepped up this time, and the Vikings were getting left in the dust. The Vikings were getting a couple of points in, but it seemed that the only time Princeville would allow them to get to the basket was after they fouled them. The second quarter was real rough for the Vikings. When the quarter was over, Princeville had scored 30 points to Cambridge’s nine. 

 The Vikings had a lot of ground to cover, but the game was not over yet. Princeville was still playing a top-notch game and this meant that the Vikings could not lose focus. Between Lenertz, Walsh and Wilkinson the third quarter stayed very close. The Vikings knew that Princeville played the hardest at the end of the quarter, meaning that they would have to play their best defense them. As the quarter started to come to a close, Princeville started to pick up their game, but this time the Vikings were ready and stopped them before they pulled to far ahead again. By the end of the quarter, Cambridge had scored 11 and Princeville had got 15.

 Even though Princeville had a good lead, the Vikings gave everything that they had in the fourth. They tried taking a lead, but Princeville was still playing great defense and the Vikings were having a hard time getting around it. At the same time, it seemed like both teams were getting tired and they were both having troubles getting the ball to the basket. When the game came to a close, Princeville had managed to get 16 points and the Vikings had 9.  

Friday, Feb. 20 @ Princeville

CHS 10 9 11 9 39

PHS 16 30 15 16 77

 Cambridge: Lenertz 9, Walsh 9, Carr 7, Nimrick 6, Sheahan 5, Wilkinson 2, DeKezel 1, Fg-11, 3Fg-2, Ft- 11-18

 Princeville: Meischner 16, Martin 13, Hensel 13, Wilson 10, Oltman 7, Elasser 6, Schricker 5, Endress 4, Sheets 2, Snyder 2, Fg-17, 3Fg-13, Ft-4-9