Vikings fall in regional semis

Dee Evans
Senior point guard Daniel Walsh drives the ball down the court during the Cambridge-Orion regional basketball game. Walsh led Cambridge with 15 points for the night.

 Cambridge’s varsity boys basketball season came to an end last week after winning the opening round of regional action and falling to Orion in the second round of play. As the Vikings played hard throughout regionals, they also played for the last time as Vikings. Next year, Cambridge will co-op with AlWood and be known as the Ridgewood Spartans.

Cambridge 77, AlWood 67

 The Cambridge-AlWood game on Monday, Feb. 23, at Orion started off on a nice note as some students in the gym yelled go Spartans, showing their approval of next year’s co-op.

  Cambridge started off on the right foot going into the first quarter after Steven Lenertz started the scoring. Using a good defense and hot-handed offense, the Vikings managed to keep AlWood from scoring very much in the opening quarter and lead 17-9. 

 The second quarter was slightly different. Both teams were playing a strong offense, but their was very little defense. AlWood kept trying to form a point gap, but they were finding themselves unsuccessful. Cambridge stayed close behind, and AlWood was getting tired quickly. Even though AlWood outscored Cambridge in the second quarter, 18-16, Cambridge still lead at halftime. 

 As the third quarter commenced the game was running slower. Both teams had played an intense first half, and were now paying the price. This quarter was even closer than the last had been. The difference was that now Cambridge was trying to pull ahead, but AlWood was staying close on their heals. Daniel Walsh and Lenertz were at the top of their game, leading their very tired team. The Vikings did manage to pull ahead toward the end, but then right as time was running out, AlWood scored a few more making it close. At the end of the third quarter, Cambridge scored 17 points and AlWood 16. 

 This game was now getting close, and both teams were ready to fight harder than ever to move on in second round of regional action. Unlike the slow third quarter, both teams were on the move trying to score as much as possible. In the haste of taking a lead both teams totally forgot about playing defense. Luckily for Cambridge, AlWood started to fall behind. It was not a big lead, but it seemed like the game was leaning in the Vikings’ favor. The quarter ended 27-22, with the Vikings having the lead and win.

 Lenertz led the squad with 26 points. Four other Vikings scored in double digits, Walsh with 19 and Tyler Nimrick, Brandon Wilkinson and Clatyon Carr with ten each. Cambridge was also 22-of-25 from the free-throw-line.

Monday, Feb. 25

@Orion Regionals

CHS17 16 17 27 77  

AHS 9 18 16 22 67 

 Cambridge: Lenertz 26, Walsh 19, Nimrick 10, Carr 10, Wilkinson 10, C.J. DeKezel 2, Fg-26, 3Fg-4, Ft-22-27

 AlWood: Teel 21, Landing 15,Norberg 14, Brandt 7, Curry 6, Waugh 4, Fg- 23, 3Fg-4, Ft-10-22

Orion 82, Cambridge 43

 The odds were against the Vikings as they took on Orion Wednesday, Feb. 25. Orion has a great record, but no record was going to get in the way of the Viking game plan. They were determined to give it their all, and give Orion a good challenge.

 The first quarter started off great. Even though Orion had taken a lead, Cambridge was still fighting back at getting around the Orion defense. The Vikings were having trouble holding a defensive attack against Orion though. Orion was really quick, and they also had a deep bench of players. Even in the first quarter they were rotating players out, trying to keep the whole team energized. Cambridge did not have that option. They kept the same guys in for most of the quarter and most of the game. Still, even having a disadvantage, Cambridge remained close. The quarter ended 15-9 with Orion having a slight lead.

 The second quarter did not go as well for Cambridge. Orion was playing no only a better offense, but they had also stepped up their defense. The Vikings were having a hard time getting down to their basket, let alone score. To make matters worse, the Vikings kept getting fouls called on them, leading Orion to the basket time and time again. When the quarter was over Cambridge had scored 11 points and Orion netted 23.

 The Vikings were still having trouble getting through Orion’s defense in the third quarter, but they did manage to strengthen their own. Orion was scoring less and the third quarter started very close. It looked as if the quarter was going to be close, but then Orion began to forge ahead. The Vikings started losing control of the ball more and more. They were getting tired, and Orion knew that if was only a matter of time before Cambridge had nothing left. At the end of the quarter Orion, led 18-6.

 Cambridge was down but not out. Even though they were beyond tired, they still kept fighting. The problem that kept occurring was all the fouls being called on them. Orion kept getting free throws, making the Vikings very frustrated. About half way through the fourth quarter things were not that bad. Orion had a lead but it was not by much. Then at the end things started to go downhill. Lenertz, Walsh and Nimrick all fouled out. Leaving the Vikings with an even weaker team. That was when Orion finally just took a strong lead and finished the game. Orion scored 26 points in the last quarter compared to the Viking’s 17. 

Wednesday, Feb 25

@ Orion Regionals

CHS 9 11 6 17 43

OHS 15 23 18 26 82

 Cambridge: Walsh 15, Lenertz 11, Devin Sheahan 7, Carr 2, Nimrick 2, Wilkinson 2, DeKezel 2, Nathan Mortensen 2, Fg-12, 3Fg-3, Ft-10-15

 Orion: Hutton 22, Williams 15, Grymonprez 9, Cooper 8, Matson 8, Leuck 7, DeDecker 4, Nesbitt 4, Gladkin 3, Simmer 1, Fg-30, 3Fg-6, Ft- 16-26.