Chargers start slowly, build win over

Mindy Carls
Charger Danny DeBacker, right, plays tight defense on Rockridge Rocket Joe Heath during the second quarter on Friday, Jan. 15, in Edgington.

Like a train pulling out of a station, the Orion Chargers rolled slowly at first, and then faster and faster, until they steamrolled the Rockridge Rockets on Friday, Jan. 15, in Edgington.

As the Charger boys built momentum, the Rockets let it bleed away.

On the way to a 71-49 victory, Orion put up more points in each quarter—13, 16, 17, 25—while Rockridge put up fewer—18, 12, 10, 9.

That’s right, the Rockets pulled out to an 18-13 lead in the first period, and they still were ahead 30-29 at halftime.

Maybe the Chargers were conserving energy. Friday night’s contest was the first of seven games in 14 days, coach Brent Hutton said.