Nelsons, Stahls win bombay tournament

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

    The Bombay Tournament was held Sunday, July 18, at Valley View Country Club, Cambridge.

    The team of Lonny and Naomi Stahl, and Eric and Amy Nelson, took first place with a score of 275.

    Bob and Alicia Lindburg, along with Brad Schaffer and Stormi Moriarity placed second with a score of 276, while the team of John and Aeja Catour, Bennett and Bonita Vincent placed third with a score of 280.

    Fourth place was taken by the team of Rick and Toni Quayle, and Gary Dzekunskas and Phyllis VanDaele with a score of 283, while fifth place went to the team of Gary and Felicia Carlson, and Dave and Andi Dalton with a score of 287.

    The team of Jim Hancock and Linda Harp, and Marty Morey and Mary Ellen Braendle earned sixth place with a score of 289, while seventh place was awarded to the team of Dave and Lori Merrill, and Harry Robinson and Sue Stackhouse with a score of 291.