Valley View men's, women's club championships held

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

    The men's and women's club championships were held at Valley View Country Club Saturday, July 24, and Sunday, July 25.

    The women’s championship flight rankings were Denise Eiker first, with a score of 180; Karen VanDyke, second, 191, and Geri Gerlach, third, 192.

    The first flight rankings were Sandy Sottos, first, 107; Tootie Broderson, second, 114, and Melissa Sollenberger, third, 146.

    The second flight rankings were Chris Allen, first, 99; Pat Dzekunskas, second, 118, and Chris Hancock, third, 120.

    The men’s championship flight rankings were Eric Hanson, first, 145; Bob Lindburg, second, 147, and Spencer Dragolovich, third, 151.

    Senior flight rankings were Paul Bolhous, first,148; Gary Hamer, second, 154, and Andy Sottos, third, 156.

    First flight rankings were Gary Walters, first, 79; Ernie Gerlach, second, 82, and Mark Skelton, third, 83.

    Second flight rankings were Tony?Rosata, first, 83; Jim Hancock, second, 86, and Jim Clark, third, 87.

    Third flight rankings were Denny Stulir, first, 91; Earl Allen, second, 93, and Bill Lange, third, 96.