Timmerman leaves girls’ track team

Amy Carton

After 12 years of coaching track, Kelley Timmerman has decided to leave the team.

“I am taking on more responsibilities at Country View Golf Course (which is owned by Kelley’s husband’s family),” said Timmerman. “This spring we decided we needed to move in this direction. We knew it would eventually come down to this and trying to open the course is hard when the track season is so long. It was time.”

Timmerman first started coaching girls’ track at Geneseo High School as an assistant coach for one year under Dave Aper and then took over the head coaching duties for nine years. She was serving as an assistant coach for the last two years under Phil Paulson.

“It is hard because you build this relationship with the girls as freshmen, they know how you coach and you spend two to three hours a day with them,” said Timmerman, who announced her decision at the team’s banquet. “It was hard at the banquet to announce it. I had to write it down because I knew I would be in tears. It was very difficult.”

Timmerman said what she enjoyed most about coaching was seeing the girls’ progress.

“The greatest thing to see is where they start and how far they come,” she said. “I enjoy seeing them achieve a certain goal, improve and get personal bests and enjoy running.”

The biggest challenge for Timmerman was the transition from assistant coach to head coach.

“I truely didn’t know what I was getting myself into,” said Timmerman. “There were just a lot of things to keep track of. You want to stay on top of how each individual kid was doing and you were always having to work ahead.”

The biggest highlight for Timmerman was this year and the number of girls the team advanced to state.

“We qualified the most kids in history this past year, which was awesome,” she said.

“That was so neat at the sectional meet and to see that progression was a great highlight. I had great kids this year and they all got along well and kept it fun.”

Timmerman said her last season progressed beyond her expectations and she tried to just take it all in.

“Winning conference the first year I coached and winning it the last year I coached made it extra special,” she said.

“I am going to miss the connection with the distance kids. They keep me young and they get laughs out of me. I am going to miss the interaction. “

Timmerman currently helps run the clubhouse at Country View Golf Course, plus is the land fitness coordinator for the Geneseo Park District where she also teaches cycling classes and is a personal trainer.

She will continue to coach cross country in the fall.