Community effort makes scoreboard a reality

Amy Carton
Geneseo’s new baseball scoreboard was installed at Stone Field before the last varsity game of the 2012 season.

A project that began back in the Fall of 2006 has provided many changes to the look of Stone Field, home of Geneseo High?School baseball team. One more piece toward the completion of the project was added this past May in the form of a new scoreboard.

“The existing scoreboard didn’t quite fit the with the new look of the diamond,”?said Geneseo High School athletic director Travis Mackey. “We renovated the whole field, but had a scoreboard that dated back 30 years.”

“It was a nice collective effort between the school district led by Travis Mackey and the city led by Klint Rice,” said Geneseo baseball coach Steve Brucher. “I approached Travis about the idea of a new scoreboard and he really did the leg work in talking to companies to secure sponsors to offset the costs.”

The scoreboard was designed by Daktronics and debuted at the Leafs’ final home game of the year in May 16.

“The scoreboard is Travis Mackey’s doing. He had that dream and got the donors to make it happen,” said City of Geneseo public works director Klint Rice.

Coach Brucher said having the new scoreboard is one of the last big pieces of the puzzle and steps to having the caliber of field that was envisioned.

“It will always be an ongoing project and it continues to move forward,” said Rice of all the renovations that have been done to Stone Field. “It is great to see it come together. It has been very enjoyable for me to give this back to the kids. We had fun working at the field and it is a huge asset to the community.”

The three sponsors of the scoreboard are Hanford Insurance Agency, Werner Restoration and Pizza Hut.

Black Hawk Foundation also helped with the project by setting the posts for the scoreboard. The city electric crew and Randy?Bormann from the school district assisted in getting the scoreboard in place and up and running.

“The fact that we got the sponsors shows the strength of the community and them getting behind the school and the student-athletes,” said Brucher. “We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the sponsors.”

Not only have the city and the school district collaborated on the renovations to Stone Field, but they continue to work together to maintain the facility.

“Stone Field is a city field, but the school district rents it for school use,” said Rice. “Everything outside the fence is the city’s responsibility and the boosters do the work inside the fence.”

Coach Brucher said the Geneseo Baseball Boosters have been instrumental in the funding, helping with the renovations and maintaining the facility.

“It was a community event,” said Rice. “I am thankful for everyone who has helped up there. It was something we had as a dream and we were able to make it come true from the donations made by the community and businesses.”

“It was another community effort,”?said Mackey. “I think people will be pleased with it. It gives you that baseball atmosphere with the inning by inning score and it looks like a regular baseball scoreboard.”

“I think the whole goal from the community aspect was to allow us to host more events and tournaments to bring more people to town,” said Brucher. “By making those improvements it helps everyone out.”

“The scoreboard and field are a great asset to the school, the city and all the kids and fans that enjoy baseball at Stone Field,” said Rice. “It was a great pleasure to do that for the kids and the community.”