Orion wrestlers improve to 8-5

Mindy Carls, editor

Still giving up a lot of forfeits, Orion wrestlers nevertheless won four of five duals to improve to 8-5 for the season.

Trailing Rockridge 39-35 with one match to go on Tuesday, Dec. 4, in Edgington, the Chargers needed a pin from Jacob DeVolder at 126 lbs.

DeVolder delivered. He didn't even let the suspense build up, taking only 1:27 to stick Chris Jones.

Others with pins were Mikey Dierikx (132), Joe DeVolder (152), Payton Loete (170), Noah Bridgewater (182) and Nick Sinde (120).

Sam Long (138) won by technical fall.

Hosting Alleman and Putnam County-Spring Valley Hall two nights later, Orion pulled out two wins.

The Chargers edged the Alleman Pioneers 30-29 by winning five of the first six matches.

Sinde won by forfeit, and Jacob DeVolder, Dierikx, Sam Long and Joe DeVolder all pinned their foes.

Alleman's only win during that stretch came on a forfeit at 145.

The Chargers' 30-6 lead was enough to withstand the Pioneers' sweep of the last four weight classes that were wrestled.

Orion had little trouble with the Putnam County-Hall co-op team. The Chargers led 28-0 before their foes even got on the board.

With pins were Sinde, both DeVolders, Long, Payton Loete and Jon Nicholson (220).

Dierikx and Bridgewater won by major decision.

At the Monster Mash Quad on Saturday, Dec. 8, in Monticello, the Chargers split the two duals they wrestled.

Orion edged St. Joseph-Ogden 38-36, but Monticello overcame Orion 54-27.

The match with St. Joe-Ogden began at 113 lbs. Knowing they would start in a 24-0 hole with forfeits to the Spartans in four weight classes, the Chargers needed big wins.

Sinde, Jacob DeVolder and Dierikx started the match with pins for an 18-3 lead, and Long added five team points with a technical fall.

The Chargers clung to a 32-24 lead with three weight classes to go, with the Spartans due to pick up 12 points on forfeits in the final two.

That put Orion's chances of winning squarely on the big shoulders of Nicholson, who came through with a stick of Jordan Hartman at 4:27 in the 220-lb. bout.

In the Monticello dual, Dierikx, Joe DeVolder, Loete and Nicholson rolled their opponents.


Tuesday, Dec. 4

Orion at Rockridge

Orion 41, Rockridge 39

132—Mikey Dierikx (O) pinned Tom Jones, 1:58. OHS 6, RHS 0.

138—Sam Long (O) won by technical fall over Mike Tingely, 15-0, 4:00. OHS 11, RHS 0.

145—Dayton Stanford (R) won by forfeit. OHS 11, RHS 6.

152—Joe DeVolder (O) pinned Dylan Peterson, 1:47. OHS 17, RHS 6.

160—Jayson Moody (R) pinned Caleb Zmuda, 0:51. OHS 17, RHS 12.

170—Payton Loete (O) pinned Noah Hamerlink, 1:11. OHS 23, RHS 12.

182—Noah Bridgewater (O) pinned Logan Crawford, 3:53. OHS 29, RHS 12.

195—Brandon Preston (R) won by forfeit. OHS 29, RHS 18.

220—Dillon Gerischer (R) decisioned Jon Nicholson, 9-7. OHS 29, RHS 21.

285—Justin Moody (R) won by forfeit. OHS 29, RHS 27.

106—Austin Johnson (R) won by forfeit. OHS 29, RHS 33.

113—James Clevenger (R) won by forfeit. OHS 29, RHS 39.

120—Nick Sinde (O) pinned Braysen Singleton, 2:13. OHS 35, RHS 39.

126—Jacob DeVolder (O) pinned Chris Jones, 1:27. OHS 41, RHS 39.

Thursday, Dec. 6

Alleman at Orion

Orion 30, Alleman 29

106—Double forfeit.

113—Double forfeit.

120—Nick Sinde (O) won by forfeit. OHS 6, AHS 0.

126—Jacob DeVolder (O) pinned T. Leblond, :50. OHS 12, AHS 0.

132—Mikey Dierikx (O) pinned T. Vick, 0:51. OHS 18, AHS 0.

138—Sam Long (O) pinned T. Evans, 3:35. OHS 24, AHS 0.

145—S. Mower (A) won by forfeit. OHS 24, AHS 6.

152—Joe DeVolder (O) pinned J. Orth, 4:27. OHS 30, AHS 6.

160—C. Dorsey (A) won by technical fall over Caleb Zmuda, 4:00. OHS 30, AHS 11.

170—S. Wetherall (A) pinned Payton Loete, 4:40. OHS 30, AHS 17.

182—Double forfeit.

195—C. Doak (A) pinned Noah Bridgewater, :40. OHS 30, AHS 23.

220—Double forfeit.

285—B. West (A) pinned Jon Nicholson, :40. OHS 30, AHS 23.

Thursday, Dec. 6

Putnam County at Orion

Orion 44, Putnam County-Spring valley hall 18

106—Double forfeit.

113—Double forfeit.

120—Double forfeit.

126—Nick Sinde (O) pinned M. Flores, 2:39. OHS 6, PC-H 0.

132—Jacob DeVolder (O) pinned K. Nabers, 1:02. OHS 12, PC-H 0.

138—Mikey Dierikx (O) won by 15-5 major decision over D. Croisant. OHS 16, PC-H 0.

145—Sam Long (O) pinned J. Boggio, 4:38. OHS 22, PC-H 0.

152—Joe DeVolder (O) pinned J. Levy, 1:05. OHS 28, PC-H 0.

160—M. Milsoski (PC-H) pinned Caleb Zmuda, :59. OHS 28, PC-H 6.

170—Payton Loete (O) pinned L. Fouckle, 1:48. OHS 34, PC-H 6.

182—Noah Bridgewater (O) won by major decision over A. Pietsch, 10-2. OHS 38, PC-H 6.

195—N. Tanzzi (PC-H) won by forfeit. OHS 38, PC-H 12.

220—Jon Nicholson (O) pinned A. Kerr, 1:27. OHS 44, PCH 12.

285—M. Guetarrez (PC-H) won by forfeit. OHS 44, OHS 18.

Saturday, Dec. 8

Orion at Monster Mash Quad in Monticello

Orion 38, St. Joseph-Ogden 36

113—Double forfeit.

120—Nick Sinde (O) pinned Addison Chism, 2:46. OHS 6, SJO 0.

126—Jacob DeVolder (O) pinned David Trewyn, :59. OHS 12, SJO 0.

132—Mikey Dierikx (O) pinned Gage Haga, 1:29. OHS 18, SJO 0.

138—Sam Long (O) won by technical fall over Ty Waller, 16-1. OHS 23, SJO 0.

145—Tanner Molgen (SJO) won by forfeit. OHS 23, SJO 6.

152—Joe DeVolder (O) decisioned Austin Hedrix, 9-7. OHS 26, SJO 6.

160—Gunner Meeker (SJO) pinned Caleb Zmuda, 3:01. OHS 26, SJO 12.

170—Austin Upton (SJO) won by forfeit. OHS 26, SJO 18.

182—Payton Loete (O) pinned Orion Clota, 1:13. OHS 32, SJO 18.

195—Wesley Kibler (SJO) pinned Noah Bridgewater, 5:35. OHS 32, SJO 24.

220—Jon Nicholson (O) pinned Jordan Hartman, 4:27. OHS 38, SO 24.

285—Jacob Bowman (SJO) won by forfeit. OHS 38, SJO 30.

106—Corbin Wolken (SJO) won by forfeit. OHS 38, SJO 36.

Monticello 54, Orion 27

106—Logan Knisley (M) won by forfeit. OHS 0, MHS 6.

113—Trevor Brown (M) won by forfeit. OHS 0, MHS 12.

120—Quintin McCabe (M) pinned Nick Sinde, 1:41. OHS 0, MHS 18.

126—Jacob DeVolder (O) decisioned Austin Hyde, 5-3. OHS 3, MHS 18.

132—Mikey Dierikx (O) pinned Jaime Smith, 3:52. OHS 9, MHS 18.

138—Andrew Koss (M) pinned Sam Long, 1:26. OHS 9, MHS 24.

145—Dylan Knisley (M) won by forfeit. OHS 9, MHS 30.

152—Joe DeVolder (O) pinned Seth Chitwood, 3:49. OHS 15, MHS 30.

160—Marcus Rice (M) pinned Caleb Zmuda, 1:08. OHS 15, MHS 36.

170—Payton Loete (O) pinned Mike Redwinski, 3:43. OHS 21, MHS 36.

182—Brendan Menacher (M) pinned Noah Bridgewater, 5:42. OHS 21, MHS 42.

195—Tanner Vandalsen (M) won by forffeit. OHS 21, MHS 48.

220—Dylan Benson (M) won by forfeit. OHS 21, MHS 54.

285—Jon Nicholson (O) pinned Mike Lawrence, 5:40. OHS 27, MHS 54.