Ridgewood Roundup

by Tom Akers correspondent

Spartan Player Profile

Name:Kendall Lewis

Parents: Mike and Dawn Lewis


Food: Watermelon

Movie: Trolls or The Age of Adeline

School Lunch: Crispitos

Song that gets you fired up!: Fergalicious

Kendall Lewis is a senior at Cambridge High School and is on the girls basketball team. During her time at CHS, Kendall has been in volleyball, and softball as well as being in FCCLA, FFA, S.A.L.T., Prom Committee, Spanish Club as well as being named to the National Honor Society and Phi Theta Kappa.

Kendall’s favorite Spartan memory came during her freshman year at a basketball camp in Des Moines when Brecken left her bag in the back of the school suburban and the next morning it was stolen. We looked on Craig’s List the whole way home to see if someone was selling her stuff.

Her funniest memory came in softball when my whole softball team started copying Tatum when she said GRIT in a really funny voice. It became something we did all the time. Her advice to freshmen is a familiar one; “I know everyone says this, but time really does go fast and it can be taken away so fast. I never would have imagined my senior year being taken away because of a pandemic. Enjoy all the time you can get playing sports with your friends, and having people cheer you on in the stands.”

Coach Renae Leander is the coach that has had the biggest influence on Kendall. “She has been my coach for four years in basketball and softball, along with being one of my teachers. Freshman year was a wreck for me and she got me out of some pretty hard times. She always pushed me to be my best no matter what, and always saw the potential I had as a student and a player. I have learned so many life lessons from her whether that be from sports or just in life. I have so much respect for her after all of these years.”

Since the delay in the season Kendall has been lifting weights on her own four days a week and running. She has been spending most of her time with her family and is also working a few days of the week.

The delay in the season has been tough on Kendall, “I want people to know how hard this is on student athletes. It is hard to see surrounding states being able to play and have special moments like senior night and we are stuck here with no answers. It is hard to be patient in times like these. Do I still get to claim that I am a three sport athlete for 4 years? Some goals are shattered.”

Kendall hasn’t settled on a college yet but plans to focus her studies in the medical field.

Spartan Player Profile

Name: Payton Catour

Parents: Nick and Nicole Catour


Food: My favorite food is Grilled steak by my dad

Movie: Remember the Titans

School Lunch: Pizza Rolls

Song that gets you fired up!: AC/DC Thunderstruck

Payton Catour is a senior at Cambridge High School and is on the Ridgewood Spartans Boys Basketball team. While at CHS Payton has been involved in football and track in addition to basketball.

The football game the Spartans won which guaranteed them a spot in the IHSA playoffs for football for the first time in Spartan History is his favorite Spartan memory. Payton’s funniest sports memory is tripping and rolling down the edge of the bowl and landing in the track cinders getting covered during a football practice.

His advice to freshmen is to “work hard in school because school work always comes first, and if they are playing any type of sports then they also should work hard and put in as my football coach would say 110% all the time.” Coach Redding is the coach who has had the most influence on Payton; “coach has pushed me to be a better player and a better person in general. He always pushes the team because he knows the potential that the team has is to be winners.”

Since the delay in the basketball season, Payton has been working out at home. “Since I don’t have weights at my house, I do a lot of pushups, situps, etc to keep in shape.”

Payton summarized his thoughts on what those making the decisions on whether sports continue includes; “I would like the people to know it is making a big impact on me, my favorite sport is football and not being able to play that sport makes me upset.”

Payton’s future plans include going to SIU hoping to play football there while majoring in Physical Education with the hope of being a PE teacher and coach one day.

Kendall Lewis
Payton Catour