Dan D. Outdoors

by Dan Dauw columnist

Family Christmas

Are you, like Lorna and myself, having a tough time figuring out how to invite relatives over the Christmas/New Year holidays? We usually have our two kids and their families stay with us for 2 or 3 days, but we’re not so sure that’s going to fly with the darn pandemic. Also, there are four of us that go to The Cellar every New Year’s Eve, but we also wonder how that will play out?

Unrelated, but WQAD News 8 will have “Santa Dan” on their Wed., Dec 23rd, morning show.

Ice Fishing Drill

Did you know that your battery powered hand drill can do more than drill holes in metal, wood, etc? A few years ago I saw Glenn Sigwalt use his hand drill, with an attached auger, blast through ice when ice fishing. I thought, how cool is that? So last year I bought an attachment for my drill and it made drilling through the ice a breeze. My drill is 20 volt and uses a lithium battery. I used it for the first time last winter and it sure worked slick, as in ice! My auger is a 5 inch model. Also, if you have not changed auger blades in a while, do so. Dull blades just do not cut it. 

Hello Up There

Some of you wonder how one knows when the NASA Space Station will be going over our area at night? Both our cell phones have an app that lets us know when it will be seen. Register for your location, either Moline or Peoria, using your cell phone or email. You can set the time when you want to be notified on your phone. Ours is 25 minutes before. With your computer, go to: spotthestation.nasa.gov

Printer Kabut

Last week my old printer died. As I have to have a printer, it was a trip to the store to spend $150.00 for a new one. Now “Mr. Idiot” here, doesn’t need directions. How difficult can it be to hook it up to the computer and away we go. I ended up spending a day and a half trying to get the computer to “talk” to the printer. I figured one device had to be a Republican and other one a Democrat. They would “not” work together.  It just would not print. Everything I tried did not work. Finally, Lorna asked if she could help? Within one hour she came into our living room to tell me it was fixed. Show off!

My Christmas Poem

Roses are red, Violets are blue; I don’t want a cold and go “achoo.”

I want to be happy on Christmas Day, so I wear my mask wherever I stay.

Yes, gifts for kids are especially nice; Maybe new skates for fun on the ice;

So I’ll nix the mistletoe, and keep my distance from you,

it will be a different Christmas, but then, who knew?

So Merry Christmas to you and yours;

As for me, I’ll watch ‘da Bears and drink a cold Coors.

Retirement Humor

As we are approaching the end of the year, some of you will be retiring. Retirement is great, it’s getting older that’s a tad more challenging. Anyway, here are some retirement thoughts. Rule #1: If you don’t want to, you don’t have to! Rule #2: “On time” will be when YOU decide to get there. Rule #3: Be happy to supply solutions for problems that don’t even exist! Rule #4: Your past favorite “software” will now end up being your pillow. Rule #5: This one is really true. You will become so busy you will not know how you ever had time for work! Ditto!!