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I have mentioned it a few times that at the end of the year we would draw names of those who had their photo in this column for 2020. There are 3 brand new fishing related prizes thus three lucky winners. The prizes are:

1) Berkley rod. 2) Pocket Workshop Tool. 3) Shakespeare Spincast reel. Wayne Peterson, JW’s Shooting Parlor, was kind enough to let the winners pick up their prize during regular business hours. They are located at 207 N. State St., Geneseo, IL. Phone #: (309) 944-4174.

Prizes must be picked-up within 14 days and please wear ‘yer mask.

The winners (Drum roll, please!) are: Daniel Batcher (Reel), Jake Turner (Pocket tool), and Tad Moore (Fishing pole). If you know any of these anglers, please let them know in case they didn’t read this fantastic column!!

Nice Buck

David Anderson, Orion, got a big 9-point buck on Saturday, December 5th, during the Illinois firearm deer season. It weighed a little over 200 pounds. He bagged it north of Orion, IL. Thanks to Larry Anderson for sending me the photo and info.

Sport of Fencing

I saw a recent advertisement on TV showing a couple fencing. I mentioned to Lorna if she enjoyed participating in that sport at Iowa State University? She did! At that time, they were not hooked up electronically, but they did wear protective equipment. Going “on-line” I was amazed how popular the sport is. There are a lot of universities that offer the fencing curriculum including Illinois, Illinois State, Iowa State and Iowa. Not at my age now, but I think it would have been fun to try that sport. “On guard!”

Thank You

Goes to the Salvation Army, Geneseo Kiwanis/Key Club members, Walmart, and other volunteers who were “SA” bell ringers outside of Walmart. A “special” thanks to you folks who put money in the SA kettle during the holiday season. It is called being compassionate to those who are less fortunate.


Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he becomes lazy and skips work to do it. What is true love? It’s hearing your husband tell the same joke for the thousandth time and not stabbing him in the eye! Before Ray Bergles became involved with teaching, he went to California to start a business telling people’s fortunes. He did not read palms, but smelled a person’s breath. His most famous customer was Mary Poppins because Ray’s outside business sign read, “Super California Mystic, Expert Halitosis.”


David Anderson, Orion, recently got this deer while hunting in Henry County.