Dan D. Outdoors

by Dan Dauw columnist
Dan D. Outdoors
David Anderson, Orion, recently got this deer while hunting in Henry County.

Barb’s Buck

A few days after last year’s Thanksgiving holiday, Chuck Dornfeld’s wife, Barb, decided to get some use out of her hunting license and crossbow. Husband Chuck and their sons, Heath and Nick, are big time hunters so why not Mom, too? So, in the late afternoon she strolled out to their “Doe Shack” (deer stand) in Henry County. With about a half hour left of sunlight, what comes walking towards her, but one very big deer. With one shot from her crossbow at 30 yards, Barb bagged a 14 point buck. It was way too big for her and Chuck to haul away so they got help from 4 other family members. They even had a hard time getting it loaded on their Gator. Chuck dressed out the monster deer and said he was proud of her shooting ability. Needless to say, that the head will be mounted (the deer, not Barb!) The buck was the biggest ever taken on their “Indian Hollow Farm.” Okay, how many times do I brag about us Belgian-American’s fishing and hunting prowess? Barb “Carton” Dornfeld: I rest my case!

Drones Help Farm

There was an interesting article in a recent Successful Farming magazine about the use of drones for farming. Now I have no idea how many, or if any, drones are used on farms in Henry County. A few years ago, the company, Rantizo, developed a DJI Agras MG-1P drone with hardware and software for the use in farming. It enables a farmer to have only trouble spots sprayed in a field rather than the entire field. It can reduce costs, prevents over spraying, and slows weed resistance to pesticides. Seems like a neat idea if it is cost effective and helps the environment.

Two Doctors

Eighty three years ago, Lt. Frank “Jessie” Otis, U.S. Army Air Force, was a pilot, flight surgeon and an eminent Boston Hospital surgeon. On January 11, 1937, he was on a training mission flying a Douglas O-46A high wing, single engine plane. Unfortunately, the plane developed engine trouble and crashed near Hennepin, IL, and he was killed. Otis Air Force Base was named for the doctor. Before that time, he and a fellow physician planned on setting up practice together in, of all places, Moline, IL. That “fellow physician” was my stepfather, Dr. Francis J. Cenedella. He ended up as a practicing physician in Moline and East Moline.

He served as a Major in the Army during WW2 in Burma. He never talked about those years except one time. He treated both American, Japanese and Chinese soldiers. There were horrific wounds and he said the Chinese would refuse to cry out in pain. After the war, a book about his unit was dedicated to him.


I got up this morning and ran around the block 5 times. Then I got tired, so I picked up the block and put it back in the toy box. Two things to make your day better: 1) Do not watch the news. 2) Stay off the bathroom scale. How many of you think I should pick on Joe Mickley? Yeah, I agree. Next week!