Ridgewood Rouundup - Player Profile

by Tom Akers correspondent

Spartan Player Profile: Brecken Adamson

Parents: Jennifer and Casey Adamson


Food: Any kind of Pasta

Movie: Safety

School Lunch: Taco in a bag

Song that gets you fired up!: Come & Go

Senior Brecken Adamson is the Ridgewood Spartan Player Profile this week. She is a senior at AlWood High School and is waiting for the basketball season to begin. She has played both volleyball and basketball for the past four years for the Spartans.

Her favorite Spartan memory was her last day of practice this year before the delay in their season. “With everyone knowing that our season was going to be pushed back again, Coach Molek and Coach T made sure we had a fun last practice. We spent the practice having several competitions. It was something fun that everyone could be a part of and a good note to leave off on in hopes of a season in the future.”

Brecken’s funniest memory is “any time that all of my family is in the gym usually ends up being pretty fun but very competitive.” Her advice to freshmen includes, “If you want to have a successful season, be willing to put in the work to achieve that goal, nothing is going to be handed to you.”

Coach Leander is the coach who has had the most influence on Brecken, “she has played a big part in my basketball career over these past four years. Being able to have her as a coach my freshman year gave me the opportunity to develop and grow as a player. Once I started playing varsity she continued to always be there to give me advice and knew when I was frustrated with myself. She has also had the ability to calm me down and made me realize how much basketball really meant to me.”

Since the delay Brecken has been spending a lot of time with her friends as well as shooting around with her brother. In regards to the delay, she would like people to know, “I am ready to play again and be back with my team.”

After graduation, Brecken plans to attend college and either pursue a career in the dental field or in teaching.

Brecken Adamson