Coach Storm speaks out on G-Town Team

by Claudia Loucks correspondent
Coach Brad Storm

Geneseo Varsity Boys’ Basketball Coach Brad Storm is happy that his players have the opportunity to play together in the United Hoops League, but admits it’s difficult to watch them play without being able to coach them.

“I am happy that they get a chance to play together,” he said. “It isn’t ideal playing in a league without a school coach, without practices to help them, in the TBK setting instead of high school gyms, and without our full squad participating. But, at least they are having fun playing basketball.”

“I would like to get some more younger guys able to play as well in a similar situation so they can have some fun too,” he said.

Coach Storm credits the players and parents who took the information and organized a team and registered them…”The school can’t have anything to do with it,” he said. “Beyond us not coaching, the players can’t wear our gear, and we can’t provide transportation or funding,” he said.

It’s also frustrating for him to not be able to coach them…”It’s a mixed feeling because I’m glad to see them playing, but its frustrating,” he said. “I know I could guide them to better play, but I’m not allowed to coach them or work with them.”

“We just got released from non-contact team practices so we might be able to do a little during the week to help them prepare for Friday night league games if players want to. I would enjoy that because I miss being in a gym working with them as a team to get better. I really miss the relationship aspect. I miss being with the players and not just for basketball, but for the other opportunities that make a season special and the bonds made that sometimes last way beyond their last high school season.”

He cited the problem with working with the players as not likely in preparation for a high school season this year. “It would be more for them to play better in the (United Hoops) League and for the non-seniors it would be to help them gain understanding for next year.”

Storm continued, “We may have run out of time to squeeze even a short basketball season in, and that’s even if the IDPH and Governor Pritzker would let us start immediately, which we are nowhere close to seeing happen unless things change drastically. So, it is unlikely that there will be a season. I doubt even a football or volleyball season at this point.”

“But, as I try to teach players, you can control how you react to situations that are out of your control, so we will try to make the best experience we can for those wanting a basketball experience.”