Geneseo Football Boosters offering fan cutouts

by Claudia Loucks correspondent

Geneseo Football Boosters are making the best of the current situation that leaves so much unknown for student athletes and fans.

] The Booster Club is sponsoring a “Pack the Stands” promotion that features football fan cutouts placed in the bleachers at the Bob Reade Field at Geneseo High School.

According to Steve Miller, president of the Geneseo Football Boosters, “Football fan cutouts placed in the field so families, students, alumni and community can show their support of our athletes during what has been a difficult time in education for students.”

Miller said the football fan cutouts will be on display in the stadium at every home game during this year’s spring football season.

“Every cutout will also have a season attached to the purchase price,” he said. “For $50, you get one cutout and one season ticket. This is a ticket to every home varsity football game this spring season. Even if fans are in attendance at the home games, the cutouts will be on display in the stadium.”

The cutouts will provide a fan base for the student-athletes and Miller explained, “If there is any attendance allowed at our home football games, it will be in a limited fashion,” Miller said. “We want to give everyone an opportunity to be there at the games even if they cannot make it in-person.”

Miller credited All in Stitches in Geneseo and said they “have been extremely generous in creating the site for the ‘Pack the Stands’ promotion and setting up what could be a very successful promotion for the football program.”

He emphasized the importance of community support for students and said, “Geneseo has always been a community that comes together in times of need. Now, more than ever our student-athletes need our encouragement.”

“Due to Covid-19, like many other booster clubs, the Geneseo Football Booster Club had to cancel our annual Hog Roast over the summer,” Miller said. “The Hog Roast is a major fundraiser for the club and all of those funds go to the football program and all to benefit students, this year especially – equipment, player safety, training, practice facilities, transportation, etc. Due to this cancellation of the hog roast, unfortunately, these are still items that need to be purchased every year to keep the Green Machine tradition operational and successful.”

Miller is aware of the need for community support and he said, “We have an amazing football tradition in Geneseo and the Booster Club, along with the coaching staff, is committed to making sure the pandemic doesn’t stop us from still giving these kids the opportunities they deserve through their high school years. If we stick together and support each other, we can always make the best of any situation. We just can’t do this without the support of the community.” “That’s what our ‘Pack the Stands’ promotion is all about, making the best of the current situation, for the benefit of the kids, they deserve it,” he said. “Imagine seeing all of these cutouts together, packing the stadium with hundreds or even thousands of them. Imagine what a sense of community this would show everyone, and what our kids would think about that! – The Geneseo Football Booster Club, football coaches, and staff are truly grateful for the continued support of our community.”

“We just need everyone now more than ever before,” Miller said. “Let’s keep our tradition alive and thriving.”

More information and to purchase a cutout is available by visiting and clicking on “Pack the Stands.”