Dan D. Outdoors

by Dan Dauw columnist
Dan D. Outdoors

Sea to be Seen

As an old Navy sailor,

who sailed the seven seas;

Oceans were magnets,

beckoning me with their pleas;

I could never tire of their waves,

nor the salty air in my face;

Oh, warrior ship, her anchors away,

God’s wishes that sight, to embrace;

I miss my old carrier, she no longer lives,

her planes are gone, no pilots to be seen;

Foreign port-of-calls are but a memory now,

hard to remember some places, I was just a teen;

Aye, at times rough seas would venture upon us,

but no watery grave for our mighty ship,

as our Captain and crew, made not a fuss;

I do miss the sea and the sounding of her waves,

her blue-green colors, with her animals above and below;

The sea is a thing of such amazing beauty,

so, know her, love her and enjoy her magical glow.

Note: I’m hardly a good poet, but I hope it’s not my worst poem.

Sorry Ely

I made a mistake in last week’s column. Besides the photo and caption of young Ely Lemieux with her big fish, I should have included this article. So here it is. Ely Lemieux, age 5, recently caught a good size northern pike while ice fishing with her dad in Minnesota. She is the granddaughter of Gary Wahlheim, Geneseo. Actually, Ely caught two fish that day. As for her dad, he got skunked! Ha! Been there, done that!!

Ely Lemieux, 5, recently caught this big northern pike while ice fishing with her dad.

WWII Oddity

Before the Pearl Harbor bombing, our country tried to stay out of WW2. However, we had to be careful on how we conducted business with England as we had to “appear” we were neutral. At that time the Brits needed more airplanes. We couldn’t send them airplanes in convoys as the Nazis would not quite buy into that sort of thing. So, our country took fighter aircraft and purposely left them in fields next to the border of Canada. Surprise! When our military returned to the planes they had vanished. Gee, wonder where they went? Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


To everyone that received a book from me for Christmas, they’re due back at the library next Friday. Audrey Scheider finished 3 books yesterday. Now that’s a lot of coloring. Dave Carton sold his Belgian “Homing Pigeon” on e-bay for the 22nd time