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by Dan Dauw columnist
Dan D. Outdoors

IL-DNR Survey

There is a new survey that we, the public, can complete as it relates to how the Illinois DNR law enforcement agency should be periodized. For example, one question was how important do you rate time spent checking fishing and hunting licenses? It is an interesting survey. Because the IL-DNR is very short of funds, I added under “Comments” that fees should be increased a few dollars on licenses. I added that fines should be increased on poaching, out of season hunting, etc. The same goes for not having a hunting or fishing licenses. To take the survey go to the Illinois DNR website and scroll down to: “2021 Law Enforcement Survey.”

Salt Water Survey

During the past few years, Lorna and I receive a salt water testing kit from the Izaak Walton League of America. On the morning of Thursday, January 21, we tested the Green River, north of Geneseo, for the level of salt in that river. We tested the samples when we got home and found very low salt levels. We will soon be testing the Rock River for salt content. We tried “Gunslinger’s Farm” next to the Rock River, but there was too much ice along the shoreline to venture out to open water.

Safety on Ice

This article was supposed to have been in my January 22nd column, but “Mr. Dufus” here goofed up! So, while we still have 4 or 5 more weeks of hard water, allow me to run through some safety items when venturing on the ice. Pair of ice picks: These pair hang around your neck and should you fall through the ice they will help you work your way back on safe ice. Pair of ice cleats: Walking on ice can be tricky. The cleats stretch over the bottom of your boots. There are various types, but just be sure they are big enough to fit on your boots. Cell phone: Most of us carry it on our person anyway. You might want to leave it in an upper pocket or wrapped in something waterproofed. Some have even suggested keeping it under your stocking cap. I guess it makes sense if you don’t fall completely under water! Life cushion: If you sit on a bucket, this can help ‘yer butt, but can also be a good safety device. Other suggested items could be wearing a life jacket, whistle or hand-held horn, and a rope.

Space Station

We never get tired of seeing that amazing piece of man-made technology as it zooms the night sky. While it is visible for only a few minutes, it is so awesome to see. We are not able to see it every night because of its many paths around the earth. Fortunately, Lorna’s phone is spot-on when it gives us the best chances of seeing it from our little corner of earth.

Ice Fish’n Photos

This month can be tough on getting fish to bite as they seem to become more lethargic.  Still, fish are caught this month so send us your recent ice fishing photo. List what body of water you caught them in. For examples: canal, farm pond, strip mine, etc. Send to: deboonelr@aol.com


Guys, struggling to get your wife’s attention? Just sit down and look comfortable. 

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