Geneseo Boys' Basketball ready to play

by Claudia Loucks correspondent

Coaches and student athletes are excited. After months of wondering if there would be a basketball season, they learned on Jan. 27 that there will be a “modified” season, with The Geneseo Boys Basketball team opening their season on Tuesday, Feb. 9, at Moline. The first home game in the GHS gym will be Saturday, Feb. 12.

Varsity Coach Brad Storm said, “I’m really excited that we are going to get to have some type of season. I’m not totally convinced that the WB6 implementing a full 14-game schedule or that the IHSA’s decision for the overlap of sport seasons is a good thing for our student -athletes when considering they will be playing three tough games a week, practicing three other days, going to school, and then at the end of the season maybe also overlapping with practices for another sport.”

“It’s going to be very demanding on athletes mentally and physically,” he said. “We will need to be aware of that as coaches across the state. However, it is great that we are going to get to experience some type of season!”

Coach Storm’s only goal is to make it a fun and enjoyable season for his team and he said, “Given all the anguish these kids have had the past 10 months, my only real goal is to make it a fun and enjoyable season for them while working to improve as a team, and as players and as people along the way.”

There will be wins and losses, but those seem less important this year, he said…”I think that it was such large odds against us getting to have any season, and then topped by the fact that it could end at any notice if our region’s positivity rate or hospital numbers go up, that I just want us to enjoy every day together while we can. We have great kids and coaches and I enjoy being around them.”

Even though there are still many questions regarding transportation, locker room situations, logistics during games, fan allowances and more, Storm said his focus “is on trying to figure out how to plan and implement most efficiently for a season unexpectedly dropped in our lap with little time to get ready.”

“These first few practices have been fun,” he said. “It’s great to be back at it. And as long as we can keep in perspective the goals of this unusual season, I think it will be a great experience for all of us involved.”

“The quality of basketball the first few weeks might be behind normal years as players won’t be in as good of shape, haven’t been able to work on skills as easily, won’t have as much practice time before starting games and during a week, but hopefully by the end of the season we say that we got a lot better, grew as people, and had an enjoyable season.”


Tuesday, Feb. 9, Geneseo at Moline.

Friday, Feb. 12, Geneseo at Quincy.

Saturday, Feb. 13, Galesburg at Geneseo.

Tuesday, Feb. 16, Geneseo at Rock Island.

Friday, Feb. 19, United Township at Geneseo.

Saturday, Feb. 20, Alleman at Geneseo.

Tuesday, Feb. 23, Geneseo at Sterling.

Friday, Feb. 26, Geneseo at Galesburg.

Saturday, Feb. 27, Quincy at Geneseo.

Tuesday, March 2, Moline at Geneseo.

Friday, March 5, Geneseo at United Township.

Saturday, March 6, Geneseo at Alleman.

Tuesday, March 9, Rock Island at Geneseo.

Friday, March 12, Sterling at Geneseo.

Sophomores Jaden Weinzierl and Mason Lovig prepare for a ball toughness drill at a recent basketball practice. Coach Ky VanKerrebroeck and freshman players Connor Mitchell and Alex Sahr are in the background.
After the players do their stretching at practice, Coach Brad Storm brings the players together in what he calls “circle up” to talk about a “Thought of the Day,” and about things that are happening in that day’s practice as well as any celebrations from the school day, etc., before beginning practice