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by Dan Dauw columnist
Dan D. Outdoors

Warden’s Hunt Club

This is really a good book that I mentioned in this column about a month or so ago. Well, you can now purchase the book on Amazon.com. It is written by Anthony “Tony” Petreikis, a now retired game warden. The 326 page book tells about some of his many challenges dealing with the “bad guys.” Even if you are not an outdoors person, you will find the book very interesting.  While it has its serious and dangerous moments, he tells of some funny episodes, too. He started working in Will County and eventually ended up working Mercer, Henry and Rock Island Counties. You may recognize some of the local Quad City areas he mentions in the book. Besides Amazon, you can also get the book by going to bookbaby.com/book/Warden-Hunt-Club. I’ve purchased 9 of the books and gave them away as Christmas and birthday gifts.

Tony and his wife, Laura, who is also a game warden, live in Illinois City, IL.

Henry County Offerings

Speaking of game wardens, Jamie Posateri, Conservation Police Officer, sent me some future events courtesy of Sharon Matson and the Henry County S.W.C.D. Order forms are now available from the Henry County Soil & Water Conservation District’s 2021 Tree & Fish Sales. Because of space, I cannot list all of the plants and trees they offer for sale. As for fish available, they are bluegills, hybrid bluegills, redear sunfish, largemouth bass, channel catfish, albino catfish, grass carp and fathead minnows. Grass carp orders are due Wednesday, April 7th. All other fish orders are due on Wednesday, April 14th. Fish will be picked up on Wednesday, April 21st at 8 a.m. at the Henry County Fairgrounds. Payment must accompany the fish order. For more info call Sharon Matson at 309-937-3377, Ext. 3. 

The tree & plant order deadline is Monday, March 29th. For an order form and list of all the trees, plants and fish offered for sale contact Sharon Matson at the previous mentioned phone number. You can also go on-line at: sharon.matson@il.nacdnet.net Last, but not least, for you farmers, you can get an Illinois S.T.A.R. – 2020 Field Form and an IL S.T.A.R. FAQ 3 page set of instructions, definitions and frequently asked questions about the 2020 crop year.  

Great Job Health Workers

On January, 30th, a clinic was set-up for Moline teachers and staff for the Covid shots.

It was held at Moline’s Wharton Field House. Lorna, a Moline school district employee, was eligible for the shot. There was a sign-up sheet to receive the shot if there was extra vaccine available. Dr. Savage, who was in-charge of the clinic, notified us that we could get the shot, but try to arrive soon, which we certainly did. I’ll bet it was only 2 minutes before a health worker took us to separate tables and we received our shots. Of course, before hand, there was some paper work to be filled out and questions asked, but we were in and out of there in about a half hour. Dr. Savage, her health workers, and the Moline Nursing staff did an excellent job.

Excellent Job

Many thanks goes to Tom Vandemore and his crew for clearing the snow at the Ikes Park by the canal. They also deposited sand on the hill entrance/exit so vehicles could get safe traction.


A robot mother and daughter walked by a hardware store. The daughter stopped to admire the paint cans in the store window. The mother robot said, “I’m sorry, but your old coat will have to last you another year.” What do you call a robot that always takes the longest route? R2 Detour. Sid Magerkurth lost his dog yesterday. I said, “Oh, no! Are you going to put an ad in the paper?” Sid said, “Don’t be silly, he can’t read!”