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by Dan Dauw columnist
Dan D Outdoors

Ice Fishing

A few weeks ago, Brian Herron and I tried ice fishing at the main lake at Giant Goose, Atkinson.  We fished until about 10 a.m. He did real well on nice size bluegills. I didn’t catch as many, but what he caught, I had some nice fillets. Ice fishing is really enjoyable. I try to pick a day when there is little wind and the temperature is in the 30s. Last week sure didn’t get a gold star for warmer temperatures. I don’t use my ice hut anymore. Because of bad legs, I’m sure my ice fishing days are numbered, but this stubborn Belgian is not giving up without a fight. Okay, enough of that! One tip I might suggest when ice fishing is using glow jigs tipped with a waxie. I have a little flashlight that I use on the jigs before I sink ‘em near the bottom. Carbon Cliff Bait & Tackle have an excellent assortment of jigs. A lot of anglers and myself are sure going to miss that place when it is sold. I guess there is a time and place for everything.


Like many of you, Lorna and I stay pretty much at home except for trips to the grocery store and once in a while a visit to a restaurant for carry-out. Besides eating, sleeping, reading and TV that’s just about it. We enjoy watching Jeopardy every evening. The new guest host, Ken Jennings, does a really nice job. We heard Katie Couric and Aaron Rodgers will also be doing some hosting on that popular show. They might do a great job, but this viewer will not be on-board with those two individuals.


As I’m writing this, I do not know if Huston’s Deshaun Watson, has signed with the Bears?  Cross your fingers ‘da Bears can work out something to get the guy. They have got to do better then their past two regular seasons of 8 & 8. For the most part, the Big Ten has some really good teams. The Illini look especially good. Great win over the Hawkeyes a few weeks ago. Favorite at our house are the Iowa State Cyclones, but they are poor to fair at best. Another of our favorites is Notre Dame, but they, like the Cyclones, have their problems, too!

Vilsack & Cardona

Good move, President Biden, on appointing Tom Vilsack for another term as Secretary of Agriculture. Another good appointment was Miguel Cardona for Secretary of Education.  Both individuals know well their professions. While I’m not a Biden fan, I give him “credit, where credit is due” on those two selections.

Pancake Ice

Meteorologist Andrew Stutzke, WQAD News 8, recently showed we viewers a rather strange phenomena called pancake ice. It seems when it gets really consistently cold, as we’ve had the past few weeks, several pieces of round, pancake size ice showed up in the Hennepin Canal, Lock 24. It really looked strange. Pancake ice gets its name because they look like floating pancakes. It’s often found in the Arctic, but not in our corner of the planet.


Dave and Jane Kiser recently attended the wedding of two antennae. Dale said the ceremony wasn’t that much, but the reception was excellent! My eye doctor told me I had “pedestrian eyes.” I asked her, “What’s that?” She said, “They both look both ways before they cross.”  I’ll have to tell that one to Dr. Dunne. Where do frogs get their eyes tested? At the hoptician.