Geneseo's Ludwig reaches 1000 points

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic
Kammie Ludwig with parents, Justin and Jennifer, at the Geneseo-UT game on Friday, March 5 in Geneseo.
Kammie Ludwig, a junior at Geneseo High School, reached 1,000 career points in game against United Township when UT's senior Jade Hunter, also scored 1,000 in the same contest, with Geneseo winning 67-34.

It’s a great accomplishment whenever an athlete reaches 1,000 career points at the high school level, and on Friday, March 5, in the Geneseo High School gym, that happened not once, but twice.

And it’s even more of an achievement for a junior to achieve that goal. Geneseo’s Kammie Ludwig did just that in Geneseo’s win over East Moline’s United Township – 67-34.

It happened in the second quarter of the contest when Ludwig made a three-point shot to reach 1,000 points.

In the third quarter of the game, United Township High School’s senior Jade Hunter accomplished the same goal of 1,000 career points.

Ludwig finished with 28 points in the game. She will continue her talents with AAU in just a short time and she said, “I’ll get right back to work for next season.”

Geneseo forced 20 turnovers from UT and had 11 steals as a team.

The Lady Leafs head coach Scott Hardison shared his pride in Ludwig’s accomplishments and said, “Kammie has put in a ton of work on her game over the years and she is now starting to reap the benefits of all those hours in the gym.”

“You have to realize that she did this in just two and one-half seasons and is only the seventh girl in program history to reach this milestone,” Hardison said. “I’m sure the career milestone isn’t out of reach for her, but it would require another impressive season, something she’s very capable of.”

In early 2000, Geneseo’s Amber Wisdom totaled 1,545 career points, Hardison said.

In recapping the game, Hardison said, “It was really neat that all 11 girls that got into the game were able to score Friday night. It shows our team depth when we put our reserve in and the level of play does not diminish.”