Orion's James scores 40 in three games

by Mindy Carls correspondent

Hailey James sizzled the nets for 40 points in a three-game stretch for Orion last week.

The Chargers hosted the Annawan Bravettes on Monday, March 1. James put in six points, a glimpse of what was to come in games with Western Big Six teams.

On Wednesday, March 3, Orion traveled to East Moline to play United Township. James fired in 17 points.

The next day, James spun in 17 points again, this time at Galesburg.

All three games were losses, with Annawan prevailing 55-39, United Township 60-44 and Galesburg 55-44.

In the Annawan game, Jennie Abbott led the Chargers with 10 points, followed by Adah Swanson, seven; James, six; Mary Mohr, four; Kamryn Filler and Marly Lillibridge, three each; and Riley Filler, Jenna Drish and Courtney Farwell, two apiece.

Orion sharpshooter Abbott had both of the team’s triples.

At the free-throw line, the Chargers shot 5-for-10. Drish was 2-for-2; Kamryn Filler, 1-for-1; and Swanson and Lillibridge, 1-for-2.

Orion pulled down 37 rebounds. Drish and James retrieved 10 each; Swanson, four; Riley Filler, three; Abbott, Katie Christensen and Farwell, two apiece, and Lillibridge, Mohr, Ella Sundberg and Kayleigh Kovac, one each.

Of the team’s 10 assists, James had four; Lillibridge and Riley Filler, two each, and Abbott and Kamryn Filler, one apiece.

The Chargers piled up 12 steals, including five by James, two each by Abbott and Lillibridge, and one apiece by Kamryn Filler, Riley Filler and Farwell.

James had both of Orion’s blocks.

The Chargers were whistled for 18 fouls.

Venturing into the heart of Western Big Six territory, Orion played United Township.

Besides James’ 17 points, the Chargers got eight from Farwell, seven from Lillibridge, six from Riley Filler, five from Sundberg and one from Madeline Nightingale.

Lillibridge and Sundberg each roped in a three.

At the free-throw line, Orion was 12-for-17. Two Chargers were perfect, Farwell at 4-for-4 and Lillibridge at 2-for-2. James hit 5-of-8 and Nightingale, 1-of-2.

Orion nabbed 29 rebounds. James had 10; Sundberg, five; Riley Filler, Drish and Farwell, three apiece; Abbott and Katie Christensen, two each, and Nightingale, one.

Of Orion’s eight assists, James was credited with three; Riley Filler, two; and Abbott, Lillibridge and Drish, one apiece.

The team pulled off 10 steals. James and Farwell had three each, and Lillibridge and Drish, two apiece.

James had two blocks and Farwell, one.

Orion had 15 fouls.

At Galesburg, James’ 17 points paced the Chargers, who got six points from Farwell, five each from Lillibridge and Mohr, four apiece from Swanson and Drish, and three from Riley Filler.

Mohr and Riley Filler each arched in a trey.

Orion had seven chances at the free-throw line and made four of them. Lillibridge was 3-for-3 and James, 1-for-2.

The Chargers snatched 30 rebounds. James had nine; Lillibridge, five; Abbott and Drish, three each; Swanson, Sundberg and Farwell, two apiece, and Nightingale, Riley Filler, Christensen and Mohr, one each.

Orion’s nine assists were credited to Riley Filler, James and Farwell, two apiece, and Abbott, Swanson and Sundberg, one each.

The Chargers also had nine steals, with four by Lillibridge, two apiece by Drish and James, and one by Mohr.

James had two blocks and Riley Filler, one.

Orion committed 11 fouls.

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