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by Dan Dauw columnist
Dan D Outdoors

Fishing License Due

Just an early reminder that your 2020/21 Illinois fishing license expires March 31, 2021. Your resident license is $15.00. Those age 65 and older, the cost is $7.75. If ‘yer really ancient, like myself, the cost is $1.50 for age 75 and older. The trout stamp is $6.50 and only .50 cents for age 75 and beyond.

Daylight Savings Time

Reminder: Set your clocks or hour glass ahead 1 hour, Sunday, March 14, 2021.

Good Ice Fish’n

The week of February 22 – 27 the fishing got better and better as each day passed. I fished Giant Goose Lake each day and “Lady Luck” was ever so kind to me. I ended up using minnows for bait and fishing just a foot under the ice. The crappies were good size. The biggest went 13 inches. Okay, time for “the big fish that got away” story. Last week I lost probably the biggest crappie I would have ever caught. Honestly, I could not get it through the 5” hole. It wasn’t hooked well and I could not get to it in time. It had to be the “Jaws” of all crappies. One of the crappies I recently cleaned had not only minnows in its gut, but a crawfish, as well.

Murder or Mercy

In the WW2 non-fiction book, “Deadly Sky” by John C. McManus, the author tells of a strange and sad event on a bombing raid over Germany. There was a large formation of our B-17s when they were attacked by German fighters. One B-17 got shot up, caught fire and the crew all bailed out. Sadly, one of the crew members pulled his parachute cord too soon and it got caught on the plane’s tail. The poor airman’s chute caught fire and he was doomed for a horrible death. The airmen in the other B-17s could only watch in horror. It would be a case of murder to shoot one of their own. Suddenly, a German Me-109 fighter pilot bravely went between all of the B-17s and put the poor airman out of his misery. The other B-17s could have easily shot the fighter out of the sky, but no one did. The fighter fell back and left the scene.

Alex Trebek

If you are a Jeopardy! fan, the book, “Alex Trebek, The Answer is……”, is a book you will want to read. It’s a short read of 290 pages including photos. Trebek writes about growing up in Ontario and the various jobs he worked both in Canada and in our country. He also writes about the popular quiz show and some of its winners. He had nice praise for Ken Jennings, past contestant and former guest host on the show. While none of us are perfect, Alex Trebek certainly did a lot of good during his life. He also contributed large amounts of money towards various charities. Both Lorna and I enjoyed the book. Hopefully, you will, too!

C-19 Second Shot

We got it at Noon on February 27th at Moline’s Wharton Field House. As with the first shot, we were in and out of there in 30 minutes. It was very well organized. With the second shot, received at Noon, they recommended we take Tylenol after the first 3 hours and Ibuprofen the next 3 hours. After that, back to Tylenol, which would be 9 p.m. I guess with the second shot there is a slightly better chance of getting side effects. Interesting enough is that fewer folks are getting colds. Masks and washing hands more often may be the reason.


A Belgian couple, Roland and Anny, recently visited our country. They were lucky to get two tickets to this past Super Bowl. After the game, Roland asked Anny how she liked the game? Anny said, “It was okay except I just couldn’t understand why they were hitting each other over 25 cents? Roland said, “What do you mean?” She said, “Well, they flipped a coin and one team got it. Then for the rest of the game, all they kept screaming was….Get the quarterback, get the quarterback!” I’m like, “Hello, after all, it’s only 25 cents!"