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by Dan Dauw columnist
Dan D Outdoors

Warden’s Hunt Club

This is just a reminder of a really good book to read whether you’re an outdoors person or not. Warden’s Hunt Club was written by Anthony “Tony” Petreikis, Illinois City, IL. He recently retired as an Illinois Conservation Police Officer (game warden). In the book he writes about his many experiences that were either good, bad and/or funny. He worked a lot of Illinois counties including Henry, Mercer and Rock Island. Some of the local places he dealt with you may recognize. In fact, one of the “good guys” is a neighbor. It is interesting how some people will lie through their teeth and make up stories to try not to get a citation. Some of his arrests get a bit dicey and some are just plain funny. You can purchase the book through Amazon, Bookbaby, and other book outlets. Ha! Years ago, Mr. Petreikis “arrested” me on WQAD News8 Dan Burich’s Sunday night sports show. Very funny, Ha-Ha! I still think Dan Burich was “the” best local sports guy around, but I digress. Anyway, “Warden’s Hunt Club” is a book I think you will enjoy.

Trees & Fish Sale

This is also a reminder that those nice folks at the Henry County Soil & Water Conservation District will be having their annual Tree & Fish Sale. The tree and plant order deadline is Monday, March 29th. Space does not allow me to list all the many plants and trees for sale. The same goes for the various species of fish. Grass carp orders are due April 7th and all other fish orders are due by April 14th. For information contact Sharon Matson at 309- 937-3377, Ext. 3, or go on-line at: sharon.matson@il.nacdnet.net

Feeding Deer

There is so much pro ‘n con about feeding wild deer. Here in Illinois it is against the law, whether it is baiting for hunting purposes, or just plain feeding them to help them get  through the winter months. I will admit that I have occasionally thrown out a few ears of corn in our backyard for the deer. Baiting for hunting is strictly enforced and well it should be. It’s hardly very sporting! Depending whose figures you want to go by, there are about 670,000 deer in Illinois. According to the Deer Friendly publication, do not feed them corn or other fermentable carbohydrates. Deer are routinely killed this way by people trying to help. Deer are browsers and have adapted to eating a wide variety of food sources. A hungry deer that has not eaten corn recently can die within a day if it comes across a pile of corn it eats. Corn is low in protein and nutritional value. It is also high in starch and should not be used as a primary food. The second problem is when deer gather together to feed they can transmit Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) and that is a serious problem for deer in many states, including Illinois.

Spring Fishing Gear

With ice fishing season over, now is the time to clean-up those dusty rods ‘n reels, tackle bags/boxes, lines, etc. Spring fishing can be awesome, and you want to be sure ‘yer tackle is ready to meet Jaws head-on! As for line, there are many different types of line, but don’t get sucked in on some of those really expensive lines. A sawbuck or two spent on a name brand line will cast nicely and bring in tarpon lurking in the Green River.

Senior Humor

We are not aging, we are ripening to perfection! So, you’ve been eating hotdogs and junk food all your life, but you don’t want the vaccine because “you don’t know what’s in it?” Isn’t it nice for us older folks to have someone from India or Pakistan call us with concern about our car warranty or whatever?! There is another reason I like wearing a mask because I can mouth the words, “Shut up” all day and they will never know