Geneseo Football forecast

by Claudia Loucks correspondent
Geneseo varsity football coach, Larry Johnson

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things, including sports schedules, but coaches and players are doing their best to make it as “normal” as possible.

Geneseo Varsity Football Coach Larry Johnsen said, “The goal is to treat this like any other season. We’ve asked a lot from these kids so it would be an injustice to them if we didn’t treat it that way… If it gives us a chance to play, I’m good with it.”

The 2021 season kicks off today (Friday, March 19, in Geneseo) against Galesburg.

There are two levels of teams – freshman/sophomore players and varsity players.

Coach Johnsen said there are a total of 95 athletes in the program and the spring schedule includes three homes games and three away games.

When asked how this season is different and the mandate of masks, Johnsen said practices are “a little shorter and we are trying to work around other activities. Kids are dealing with masks.”

In commenting about the season, he said, “We’ve had to play a lot of young kids the last few years, hopefully it will help us out this year. Returning starters for the spring 2021 season:

-Nathan Beneke (12), Andrew Cotty (11), Anthony Pierce (11), Mason Jones (12), PJ Moser (12), Kaden Davison, (11), Jonathan Maxwell (11), Dominic DeBoef (12), Bruce Moore (120, Tannen Rink (12), Connor Shipman (11), and Nathan VanDeWoestyne.