Geneseo boys bowling wraps up winning season

submitted by Denise Ford
Front row: Russell Brown, Landen Pruett
Second row: Brent Hansen, Justin Ford, Kaden Splear, Jacob Endress
This row: Andrew Thoene, Carter VanKlaveren, Nathan Johnson, Sebastian Einfeldt Aidan Grafft
Back row: Matt Krohn, Gabe Durrell, Carson McKeag, Tyler Durrell
Not pictured: Logan Palmer, Trevor Keogh, Jonathan Widger, Logan Sims, Aidan McConville

The GHS boy’s bowling team continues their winning streak.  On March 9, the boys took to the lanes and competed against Erie.  The boys came away with the win knocking down a total of 3434 pins.  Jacob Endress had high series with a 684.  Sebastian Einfeldt had the high game with 246 and a 601 series.  Justin Ford was close behind with a 581 series.  Other varsity bowlers who played a part in the win included Tyler Durnell, Carson McKeag and Andrew Thoene.  The JV team was led by Gabe Durnell with a high game of 264 and high series of 688.  Landen Pruett and Jonathan Widger also had a strong finish.  Other JV bowlers included Matt Krohn, Trevor Keogh and Nathan Johnson.

 The boys were back in action on March 10 competing against West Central.  The boys beat West Central 2332-1816.  The top four bowlers were Sebastian Einfledt, Tyler Durnell, Justin Ford and Jacob Endress.  The JV boys were also victorious winning 1959-1848.  The top four bowlers were Landen Pruett, Nathan Johnson, Gabe Durnell and Trevor Keogh.

 Continuing their winning streak, the boys competed against Hall on March 11 and won 3455-2072.  High game/high series went to Justin Ford with a 247 game and 651 series.  Tyler Durnell was close behind with a 624 series and Sebastian Einfeldt with a 623 series.  Carson McKeag, Jacob Endress and Andrew Thoene rounded out the varsity bowlers.   The JV boys also took the W beating Hall 3263-2728.  The JV team was led by Landen Pruett with high game and series.  Landen put up a 234 high game and a 659 high series.  Aidan Grafft was close behind with a 232 game and 595 series.  Other JV bowlers included Matt Krohn, Gabe Durnell, Nathan Johnson and Kaden Splear.

 The Geneseo Boy’s Bowling team hosted an “unofficial” Western Big 6 Conference bowling meet.  Sterling High School and Rock Island High School, the only other Western Big 6 high schools that have boys’ bowling, were in attendance.  After the first match, Geneseo was on top with an opening 1131 and stayed on top the rest of the day finishing with 6,503.  Sterling (6121) came in second followed by Rock Island (5410).  Geneseo senior Justin Ford finished the day on top with an 1167 series.  Geneseo seniors Sebastian Einfeldt (1129) and Jacob Endress (1123) rounded out the top 3.  Jacob Endress said ….”it was more than he had hoped for” getting to have a bowling season.  Justin Ford said, “I am so happy to have an ‘unofficial’ conference meet.  It was awesome to have a 6-game tournament.” The boy’s bowling team will lose 9 seniors to graduation.

The JV team also participated in the meet.  Geneseo took the top spot finishing the day with 5803. Sterling came in second with 4918 and Rock Island, down one bowler, had 3282.  Kaden Splear finished the day on top with an 1186 series.  Gabe Durnell and Carter VanKlaveren rounded out the top 3.  Gabe Durnell said, “we are going to miss our seniors but we have a strong team ready to take their place”. 

 Reflecting on this season, Head Coach Christ Pruett said, “The unique season allowed us to challenge ourselves in a different way this year. Instead of competing against other schools who we were used to seeing, we were scheduling against whoever was willing. This allowed us to concentrate on improving ourselves. I feel the growth was exponential this year despite the hurdles we were forced to face. We lose a lot of talent to graduating seniors. However, there is a lot of potential left on the board for next season.”  

Assistant Coach Dakota Einfeldt stated, “First and foremost, we had a bowling season!  It was unfortunate not to have a state competition, but at least we were able to have competitions!  I have to say I am so proud of our team, after just missing out on having a chance at state last year by 3 spares, the guys got together and decided to put in the extra work to make it the following year....then Covid hit and turned life upside down!  They never gave up because deep down they really wanted a season to happen and they were willing to forgo the tournament aspect so they could bowl.  The seniors that are graduating this year helped to put Geneseo bowling on the map, and make our town proud of them.  This year we had such a good team that even our J.V. squads would beat the scores of other varsity teams, so we were able to switch guys back and forth with ease.  Coach Pruett did a great job with all of the guys keeping them focused and putting guys in the right places.  Finally, after having a great season, we were able to have one final hurrah by winning our unofficial "conference" tournament for the team and hopefully we can have a more "normal" season next year.  I know I am excited to see these guys next year, as I said, our J.V. squad that will be taking over the Varsity spots next year should be able to hit the ground running. I wish good luck to our outgoing seniors and wish them the best in whatever they decide to do, they certainly made us all proud!”