Geneseo girls take third at WB6 Conference Tournment

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic
Geneseo Lady Leafs take home third in the WB6 tournament held March 13.

The Geneseo Lady Leafs bowling team took third place at the WB6 Conference Tournament hosted by Galesburg at Abbe Lanes on March 13.

The Tournament consisted of six teams with each team bowling six games. Galesbug took the top slot with a cumulative score of 5333, followed by Sterling, 5227, Geneseo 5145, United Township 5017, Moline 4714, and Rock Island 3992.

High scores for the six game series found two of Geneseo's own, Madison Holevoet with a 1169 in the number 5 slot, and Jenna Morrone at number 9 with 1075.

Geneseo's Jenna Morrone was the number 7 bowler in the high single game category with 233, and Madison Holevoet at number 13 with 217. Less than 40 pins separated the number 1 bowler, Chloe Day of Galesburg, and the number 15 Kiera Henderson of United Township in a close field.

Scores fort he High 3 Game Series had Geneseo's Holevoet at number 7 with 605 and Morrone at number 8 with 600. Holevoet also showed up again in the number 13 with a three game score of 564.

Geneseo scores for six game cumulative went to Madison Holevoet, 1169, Jenna Morrone, 1075, Tricia Elden 995, Breann Keller, 970, and Miranda Roemer, 926.

Coach Denny Lynch commended his girls, “ I “know it’s been a rather unusual year for any high school sports activities.  I have tried to make this season a fun one for my athletes. "

"This group of girls showed a lot of poise and drive.  I expected a lot out of them, and they delivered every time.  I know I had a senior dominated team, but our competition experience wasn’t too vast.  We had some health issues to deal with also (as most schools did), and we fought through those.  I wanted to see a total TEAM effort, and I got exactly what I wanted. 

My seniors were amazing.  You talk about blazing a path for the underclassmen!  They taught them to be teammates, not individuals.  That’s hard to pass along as a coach.  I have a couple juniors moving up that will handle the senior role well.  I also have a few sophomores (juniors next year) that will slide into the varsity positions.  I’m expecting a lot from them. 

I will miss this group of seniors.  I wish them all the best – and to remember one thing.  I am always with them and will answer a call if they need some encouragement.