O-S soccer boosts record to 5-4

Mindy Carls
Stock photo: Soccer Ball in Net

Orion-Sherrard soccer improved to 5-4 with a pair of wins in the round robin they hosted on Saturday, April 3, at Charger Field.

United whitewashed the Bartonville Limestone Rockets 2-0 in the first round.

Alyus Johnson scored the first goal on a ball from Talen Butler in the 19th minute. Limestone gave up an own goal in the 40th minute.

Orion-Sherrard fired off 23 shots, with Jordan Maynard tallying seven; Ajay Moon, five; Alyus Johnson, three; Cole Kimball and Butler two each, and Peyton Maynard, Trey Erdmann, Luke Moen and Jayden Thomsen, one apiece.

Seventeen steals were credited to United. Erdmann had five; Butler, four; Jordan Maynard and Ben Churchill, two each, and Alyus Johnson, Kimball, Peyton Maynard and Thomsen, one apiece.

Cody Dutton, Orion-Sherrard’s keeper, had three saves.

Orion-Sherrard had two corner kicks and three fouls.

In the last match of the day, Orion-Sherrard overwhelmed Stanford Olympia 5-1. It didn’t take long for Alyus Johnson to open his account. He took a ball from Kimball and put it in the back of the net in the eighth minute. Johnson scored the second goal on an assist from Moon seven minutes later.

Moon fed the ball to Jordan Maynard in the 21st minute for a 3-0 lead, which held up until halftime.

Halves were 33 minutes long. Six minutes after the second half began, Kimball slotted the ball home on a pass from Jordan Maynard.

Olympia scored its only goal in the 44th minute.

In the 62nd minute, Jordan Maynard converted Mike Diehl’s pass for the final goal of the match.

Orion-Sherrard finished with 31 shots. Jordan Maynard had seven; Moon and Kimball, six apiece; Butler, five; Alyus Johnson, three; Erdmann, two, and Kade Helm and Diehl, one each.

United’s 13 steals were divided among Erdmann, three; Jordan Maynard, Churchill, Peyton Maynard and Moen, two apiece, and Helm and Kimball, one each.

Orion-Sherrard’s Dutton had five saves and Olympia, 14.

United had four corners and seven fouls. The boys were offside five times.

The week began with host Alleman topping Orion-Sherrard 3-0 on Monday, March 29.

Orion-Sherrard tallied 16 shots, including Moon’s six and Kimball’s three. Jordan Maynard and Butler had two each and Helm, Dutton and Peyton Maynard, one apiece.

United had 24 steals, including Moen, six; Jordan Maynard, three; Helm, Kimball, Peyton Maynard and Caden Wegerer, two each, and Nathan Schmoll, Moon, Josh Spranger, Churchill, Dutton, Butler and Trey Erdmann, one apiece.

Orion-Sherrard keepers Dutton and Spranger had three saves each.

United had seven corners, nine fouls and one offside call.

Two days later, Kewanee edged Orion-Sherrard 4-2.

United led 1-0 at halftime on Jordan Maynard’s penalty kick in the 38th minute. Kewanee scored the equalizer in the 41st minute, but three minutes later, Alyus Johnson converted a ball from Moon to put Orion-Sherrard up 2-1. The Boilermakers scored three goals in the final minutes for the win.

Orion-Sherrard’s 19 shots were divided among Jordan Maynard, nine; Butler, four; Alyus Johnson, two; Schmoll, Moon, Peyton Maynard and Moen, one each.

United had 18 steals, including Erdmann, four; Spranger and Kimball, three each; Helm and Butler, two apiece, and Jordan Maynard, Moon, Alyus Johnson and Peyton Maynard, one apiece.

Orion-Sherrard’s Dutton had 10 saves.

United was awarded three corners and charged with 16 fouls.