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Increase Fishing License

I’m not sure where the IL House Bill 2744 is as of this writing, but in short, some Illinois lawmakers are proposing to increase our state’s fishing license. The reason being is to increase financial support to fight the spread of the invasive Asian carp. I think it is a good idea from what I’ve read. Of course, because of my age, I only pay $1.50. Actually, if passed, the bill would exempt we ancient fishing warriors. One would hope that the increase fee would go directly to the source where it does the most good rather than to some politician’s pet project.

2021-22 Fishing License

This short reminder is your 2020-21 Illinois fishing license expired last week, Wednesday, March 31, 2021. You can purchase the new 2021-22 on-line or at Carbon Cliff Bait & Tackle.

Somewhat unrelated, but now is a good time to change your reel’s line. Line weakens quickly with time, weather and use. Adding too much line or not enough causes problems.

Lionel is on Track

After all these years I finally spruced up my old Lionel electric trains. Growing up, my dad and uncles loved model railroads. Most of their trains were .027 gauge except one uncle had a larger train running on O gauge. I had to order a few things, but it’s now “good-to-go” and taking 3/4th of our ping-pong table. I had most of the trains, tracks and accessories stored. It took me almost three full days to get it all looking and working like I wanted. I can only run one train at a time, but that’s okay. I have a Union Pacific train set, which is really old, and not as old, Rock Island lines set. I used sandpaper and a rubber eraser to clean-up the tracks. The display is not perfect, but it looks pretty neat. I should have done all the work years ago when our 5 grandkids were younger. Their interests now are probably not on electric trains. Because of the pandemic, they have not visited here in many a full moon. Oh well, at least I have fun running the trains and it brings back fond memories. “All aboard!”


The only person to ever play golf on the moon was astronaut, Alan Shepard. His golf ball was never found. Maye it landed in the “Moon River?” Sorry, Fido, but fish can learn more quickly than dogs. No mention on how fast cats learn? Then too, how smart are catfish? Lastly, and I’m sure you’re glad, the first fish in outer space was a guppy. I would have thought it was an angelfish.

The Geneseo Foundation

A big “Thank You” to the Geneseo Foundation for a grant to the Geneseo Izaak Walton League. As an Ikes’ board member, many thanks to Mr. Michael J. Kelly, Sr. Trust Officer & Vice President, and the Geneseo Foundation.


Adam said to Eve: “Hey, I wear the plants in this family! I have both my ears bandaged. Last week I was ironing one of my shirts when the phone rang. I accidentally answered with the iron. As to the other ear? Well, I had to call the doctor!