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Pam Edwards

I don’t know how to contact Pam, but, hopefully, one of you seven readers of this column can pass this on to her. It is no secret that Geneseo has a really good community choir. If you have ever gone to their annual concert, you know what I am talking about. Okay!

In my March 26th column, I wrote an article about the old, but beautiful Civil War ballad entitled “The Vacant Chair.” Somehow that article was seen by Chaplain Howard Kirkland of the Knoxville Police Department, Knoxville, Tennessee. He composed new lyrics for the ballad to honor law enforcement officers. Rev. Kirkland said in his e-mail to feel free to share it with those who have suffered a similar loss. He e-mailed me a copy of the music and lyrics. It’s beautifully written. He included his e-mail address and phone number. I thought just before the song is introduced, a vacant chair could be carried out and positioned in the middle of the floor. It could be as a silent remembrance to all police officers who paid the ultimate price in protecting us citizens. Lorna and I will make a donation of $100.00 towards the choir if this song could be included as one of the selections at the next concert. Of course, because of the Covid 19 problem, maybe there will be no concert, who knows?

If you have never heard, “The Vacant Chair,” just call it up on your computer and you’ll see various artists perform the haunting ballad.

Fishing Photos

Spring fishing is alive and well! Make sure to take your iphone or camera when fishing. Take a photo of you, your child, or friend with the fish. Send to: deboonelr@aol.com. Please add any pertinent information and phone number in case I have a question.

Trout Vanished

I sure hope you trout anglers have done better than me. By this time, I’d have at least 10 to 15 rainbows on our dinner plates. So far, after fishing both Prospect Lagoon and the canal at Sheffield, I have caught 6. One day at Sheffield there were 9 fishermen that fished the 4 hours I was there and not one fish was caught. A second visit to that site, I caught two rainbows and a nice crappie. I wonder if there were not as many trout stocked this time? Am I losing my touch? No, it certainly can’t be me (yeah, right!).

Rules for Fishing

The new 2021 Illinois DNR Fishing regulation booklet has been available for the past few weeks at the Carbon Cliff Bait & Tackle store. The regulations are effective April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022. For you Illinois individuals who want to try the sport of fishing,

The Illinois Free Fishing Days are June 18 through June 21, 2021. For you “senior anglers,” mark your calendar for Saturday, June 19th. That is when the Geneseo Izaak Walton League will host their “2021 Senior Fishing Derby” for folks age 55 to 105. It’s all free and nice prizes given away.

WW2 Milkweed

We all know that growing milkweed ultimately helps the monarch butterfly. Ah, but did you know that many school kids during WW2 gathered milkweed seeds from fields, roadsides, etc. for a different reason? The fluffy seeds were sent to our military to be stuffed in life jackets to help keep soldiers, aviators and sailors afloat. I heard they skipped the one life jacket for pilot, Jerry Myhre. I could be wrong on that!


We all know that mirrors don’t lie. I’m just grateful that they don’t laugh! Why don’t sheep shrink when it rains? Lorna blamed me for ruining her birthday. I told her that was just ridiculous. I didn’t even know it was her birthday!