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Dan D Outdoors

Rep. Tony McCobmie

I try to stay away from politics in this column, but I must thank Illinois Representative, Tony McCobmie, for all the work she does for we constituents. She and Liz Buckwalter, her Legislative Aide, keep us well informed on various house bills passed and pending. Of course, I am grateful on her pro stance protecting our rights under the Second Amendment. So, I thank them for the work they do for we folks in the IL-71st District.

Saukenauk Gun Club

These black powder shooters will host their first “Ham Shoot” on Sunday, April 25th, starting at 10:30 a.m. Remember, they have a new outdoor shooting range near the Bi-State Sportsmen’s Club in Colona. For more information you can go to: Saukenauk@mediacombb.net or contact Dean Meyer at 309-373-3894.

Pays to Advertise

A few weeks ago we needed some old tree parts cut up and hauled away. I just happened to read an ad in the Henry County Advertizer-Shopper, from Brian Behnkendorf, who does trimming, tree removal, etc. The following week he and his daughter came over and did a great job for us at a reasonable cost. Ah, the power of advertising!

Happy Retirement

Stacey Collis, son of Dale and Sharon Collis, Galva, recently retired after more than 3 decades in law enforcement. Stacey ended his career as Colorado’s Jeffco Public School Resource Officer. Journalist Jack Maher, JPS-TV, did a nice video about Stacey’s career. I met Stacey at his dad’s 120 year old birthday party. I didn’t think Dale was that old.

Trout Fishing

I don’t know if I’m right on this, but I am starting to wonder if both the Sheffield and Moline trout stocking locations did not get their share of trout? Were the two places on the tail end of the stocking route with little trout left? I went fishing at both locations many times and I saw a lot of fishermen with empty stringers. One day I had a good view of 9 fishermen at Sheffield and in 4 hours not one trout was caught. Now that is really unusual.

Kids Fishing Derby

Just to give you parents a head’s-up on the Geneseo Ikes Youth Fishing Derby. It will be held on Saturday, June 12, 2021. Likewise, the Geneseo Ikes Senior Derby will be held on the following Saturday, June 19, 2021. There may be a few changes to both derbies because of the pandemic. It’s all free for participants. More information in late May, 2021.

Trivia Humor

In 1825, the first toilet was installed in the White House. Before that time, I wonder how many presidents were inside the backyard privy when the opposing political party knocked it over? Some lady in Los Angeles married a rock. She must have been stoned. The last bit of trivia is this. Within the entire universe, there are more than a trillion galaxies. And some think we are alone out here? We enjoy gardening and strawberry shortcake. The other day, Ray Bergles told me to put horse manure on our strawberries. Yuk! I’m going back to whipped cream!